Cimarron Sports Premier Cable Kits For 55' Batting Cage Installation (1/8" Thickness)

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The Cimarron Premier Cable Kits allow you to maximize your usable space with your net.

The Cimarron 55' Premier Cable Kits come with heavy-duty turnbuckles you can make extra tight and level. Additional carabiners provided with this kit allows for better weight displacement and a cleaner look to your batting cage. Gone are the "waves" that are visible with other hanging methods and you can say hello to longer ball flight visibility. 1/8" cable is recommended if you're unable to significantly tighten your turnbuckles base on your buildings structure.

55' Premier Cable Kit

Features of the Cimarron 55' Premier Cable Kit

  • (3) Cut to length 1/8"
  • 81 stainless steel 2 1/2" spring clip carabiners
  • (3) heavy-duty turnbuckles 3/8" x 6"
  • (6) U-bolt cable clamps (1/8")

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