Cimarron Sports 'Par Saver' Putting Green With Premium Symbior Fringe

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**Please note that Cimarron is Experiencing a 4-6 Week Lead Time on All "Par Saver" Golf Greens. Our apologies for the delay!!! (Flat Rate Shipping is not valid)**

The Cimarron "Par Saver" Putting Greens With Symbior Fringe - The Premier Synthetic Putting Green Turf

The Cimarron "Par Saver" Green is constructed of nylon 6-6, the strongest synthetic putting green material available. The 8-12 end monofilament construction is the best-known product that imitates the vein structure of real green grass. The speed of the putting green ranged from 9-11 on the stimp meter

Symbior Putting Green Fringe is a great turf that simulates real grass and gives you a great chipping surface. The poly thatch gives this turf great buoyancy and makes this turf low maintenance and perfect for indoor settings
About The Green

The Cimarron "Par Saver" Putting Green

  • Material: 1/2" 6-6 nylon with a 5mm urethane foam backing
  • Turf Weight: 48 ox.
  • Important Facts: Our best putting green. Does not require sand fill.
  • Stimpmeter Speed: 9-11
  • Color: Verde
About The Symbior Fringe
  • Material: Polyethylene and Nylon. Does not have foam backing.
  • Turf Weight: 72 oz.
  • Important Facts: Knitted and very strong. Like real grass. Est. 10 yr life. Sand can be added.
  • Stimpmeter Speed: 9-11
  • Color: Verde

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