Cimarron Sports Golf Barrier Netting

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Size: 15' x 150'
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These high-quality barrier nets from Cimarron Sports are excellent for driving ranges, golf courses, parks, homes, and roadways.

Cimarron Golf Barrier Netting is made of UV-treated polyethylene net, resists fading, and won't absorb water. Available in 15' x 150', 25' x 50', 25' x 100', or 25' x 150' sizes.

Net only - poles purchased separately.

About The Net

Designed to keep golf balls contained, this barrier ensures a safer and more focused golfing experience. The netting, woven from robust, UV-treated polyethylene, can withstand the wear and tear of rigorous golf sessions. It maintains its quality even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, offering you a durable solution for golf enthusiasts who live on the course, driving ranges, clubhouses, and sports facilities. This barrier netting system offers robustness, efficiency, and longevity owing to its high-quality construction and design.

The heavy-duty 7/8" mesh net is constructed of polyethylene to provide maximum sunlight life and is water-resistant.  The fine mesh weave is durable enough to withstand the impact of balls, providing a secure and enclosed environment for golf practice and gameplay. The net providers added protection for driving ranges, golf courses, parks, homes and roadways.

With dimensions starting from 15' x 150' and the possibility for customization, it fits a variety of spatial needs. The material used to construct the barrier is UV-treated polyethylene, known for its durability and resistance to weather conditions. This ensures the barrier remains functional and maintains its integrity even after prolonged exposure to the elements.

The net can be conveniently set up at various golf facilities, residential areas, or other locations where golf is played. Its versatility and functionality make it an excellent choice for various applications.

The Golf Barrier with 7/8-Inch Polyethylene Net by Cimarron is an investment worth making for any golf facility or enthusiast. It promises reliable performance, longevity, and a significant improvement in safety standards.  Invest in the Cimarron Golf Barrier today for a safer, more controlled golf environment.


  • UV treated polyethylene netting.
  • Available in black
  • Meshes were sewn together along the top and bottom to create a finished border.
  • 7/8 mesh
  • Poles not included - using a local fence company for installation is recomended.
  • Recommend space between poles is 25'
  • Water-resistant

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