Cimarron Sports 4' x 6' Ultimate Golf Mat

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The Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat is a combination mat that allows you to practice every type of shot.

Want to step up your golf game without stepping out of your home? Try the Cimarron 4x6 Ultimate Golf Mat! This premium golf mat offers a lifelike playing surface with high-quality synthetic turf that feels just like the real green. It's large enough for any golfer to practice their swing and even compatible with real golf tees! Experience the ultimate golfing practice with the Cimarron 4x6 Ultimate Golf Mat.
About The Mat

About The Ultimate Golf Mat

Unmatched in its design and performance, this superior golf mat makes practicing your swing from home practical and effective, because it combines three different types of turf, allowing you to practice different lies with different clubs. This groundbreaking training aid provides golfers with three distinct course conditions: high-density tee turf, nylon fairway turf, and semi-rough turf, including a convenient nylon turf stance area. 


  • Tee Turf: 1' of high-density tee turf that allows you to practice your drives with a real wooden tee
  • Fairway Turf: 1' of knitted nylon fairway turf that allows you to practice with your wood and irons
  • Semi-Rough Turf: 1' of semi-rough turf that allows for you to practice with your irons and wedges
  • Stance Turf: 3' of knitted nylon turf provides a perfect stance area.

    It is the perfect solution for golfers that want to practice their swing on different clubs through the use of one convenient mat. When paired with golf netting, this creates the optimal indoor practice setting year-round.

    The high-quality synthetic turf offers a natural feel, mimicking the impact and sensation of striking a ball on the green. Able to endure countless practice sessions, this golf mat is built to last. The dimensions of the mat, 4 feet by 6 feet, provide ample room for any golfer to perfect their swing. This mat from Cimarron Sports is renowned for its durability, flexibility, and practicality.

    Its construction quality makes the Cimarron 4x6 Ultimate Golf Mat stand out. It's designed to withstand countless practice sessions, made from high-quality synthetic turf that mimics the feel and impact of real grass, providing golfers with an authentic experience. A thick 5/8" backing ensures that the mat lies flat on the ground, providing a stable platform for your practice.  The thick surface layer can hold a real tee, which means you can practice just as if you were at the driving range. 

    Highlights Of The Cimarron Ultimate 4'x6' Golf Turf Mat

    • High-Quality Synthetic Turf: Mimics the feel and impact of real grass for a realistic golfing experience.
    • 5/8" Thick Backing: Ensures stability and provides a uniform surface for practicing swings.
    • Durability: Designed for countless practice sessions and heavy iron use.
    • Large Size: Measures 4 feet by 6 feet, providing ample space for golfers to practice.
    • Compatible with Real Golf Tees: The thick turf layer can hold a real tee securely, allowing you to practice drives realistically.

    While practicing your golf swing at a driving range can help improve accuracy and power, the ability to perform a great hit on various course conditions is likely not the strong suit of most. Previously the only way to practice your swing in the rough or fairway was only possible by spending time on an actual golf course. However, with new technology, you can practice your swing on 3 separate course conditions to improve your overall skill as a golfer.


    • Size: 4' x 6'
    • 5/8" closed cell Ensolite backing
    • One rubber tee is included
    • Use indoor or outdoor

    For golfers that are looking to improve their golf swing in different course scenarios, Cimarron Sports proudly offers the Cimarron 4'x6' Ultimate Golf Mat. 

      Optional Range Tray

      The Cimarron Range Tray

      This commercial-quality golf ball tray holds up to 144 golf balls. These trays are manufactured to the highest specifications, including a UV-inhibited polymer that resists cracking and fading. The trays have reinforcement ridges that keep the tray from warping and a lip that slides under the golf mat to keep the tray from sliding around.

      Features Of The Range Tray

      • Dimensions: 28x16x4
      • The tray holds up to 144 golf balls
      • Designed with the highest specifications
      • UV inhibited polymer from resisting cracking and fading
      • Reinforcement ridges
      • Slip-resistant lip

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