Champro Symmetrically Balanced Cast Iron Shot

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Size: 7.26 KG - 16 LBS
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These Durable Cast Iron Shot Puts Are Built To Last

The Champro Cast Iron Shot Put is symmetrically balanced and provides a textured surface that is a natural feature of cast iron. Due to its economic price and durability cast iron is a favorite of high school track and field programs for use in practices and meets.

They are not ideal shot puts for using in gravel pits as cast Iron will slowly chip away over time. You might want to consider either a turned iron or turned steel shot put if you will be throwing on any kind of stone surface

What Size Shot Put Do You Need?

  • Special Olympics: 3lbs
  • Boys Up To 12 Years Old: 6lbs
  • Women youth through junior high: 6lbs
  • Boys Age 13 And 14 Years Old: 8lbs
  • Womens High School: 8lbs
  • Women 50+: 8lbs
  • Mens High School:12lbs
  • Men Between The Ages of 50 and 59:13lbs
  • Mens College:16lbs
  • Men Up To 49: 16lbs

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