Champro Multi-Use 7'x5' Z-Screen With #45 Netting

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The unique shape of the Champro 7'x5' Z-Screen allows it to serve multiple purposes for multiple players

The Z-Screen's primary application is for use as a baseball or softball pitcher's screen but the unique design lets it accommodate any pitcher.
About The Screen

The Champro 7'x5' Z-Screen With #45 Netting

With the Z-Screen, the pitcher is protected when throwing overhand for baseball or underhand for softball during batting practice and is reversible so it works for both right and left-handed pitchers. It is also a very good screen for short toss drills and the large surface area also makes this screen useful as a baseman's screen.

It is a tough piece of hardware too! The tube frame is constructed out of durable 1.5", 18-gauge steel, and boasts a durable 45-ply netting. This screen does it all, from A to Z
  • Unique shape allows pitchers to stay protected throwing over or underhand during batting practice
  • Reversible design for right and left-hand pitchers
  • Durable 1.5", 18-gauge steel tube frame
  • 45-ply netting
  • Push-pin assembly
  • 7'x5'

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