Champro Little League Compliant Dislodging Bases

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Base Set Options: 15” X 15” X 3” SET OF 3 BASES
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Designed to reduce the potential for injuries sustained through sliding.

These bases comply with Little League® rule 1.06 and are designed to ensure your player's safety. On impact, the top pad dislodges from the bottom plate.

The pad of the base is engineered to maintain vertical rigidity to support a player standing on the base while maximizing horizontal flexibility so the pad will flex on impact. The plate base is designed to be streamlined and low to the ground to allow the player to smoothly slide over the plate after the pad dislodges. To reset the pad after it has dislodged from the plate, the posts on the pad are simply aligned with the holes in the plate and inserted and it takes only seconds.
Features Of The Bases

Features Of The Champro Dislodging Bases

  • Official 15" x 15" size to meet Little League® requirements
  • The base is designed to allow the umpires to make calls as the play progresses
  • Heavy-duty all rubber-pad
  • Steel stanchion fits male & female anchor systems
  • 3 ground anchors and 3 plugs included
  • Complies with Little League® rule 1.06

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