Champro 'Infinity' Multi-Angle Rebound Screens

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Size: 72"x42" 1 1/4" Steel Tubing
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The unique frame design provides infinite rebound angles without adjustment!

Champro Sports created the best baseball and softball rebound net in the industry. Gone are the days of adjusting the screen to return balls at different angles. Our Infinity rebound trainer returns grounders, line drivers, and pop-flys depending on where you throw at the net. Take your training to the next level with the Infinity Rebound Screen from Champro!
About The Rebounder

The Champro Infinity Rebound Screen

For kids, there is no better way to gain arm strength than playing catch...even when they are by themselves! Sometimes there isn't anybody to play catch with though. Problem solved! Champro has 2 sizes of Infinity Rebound Screens so you can play catch with yourself and build up that arm strength.

You can also do ground ball and fly ball drills at the same time by adjusting the rebound angle.

The unique shape of the Infinity Rebound Screen will return ground balls, line drives, and pop-flys without any adjustment. Throw the ball at the top of the screen for ground balls, the center for line drives, and the bottom for pop-flys.

Because the screen doesn’t need adjusting, athletes can stay in the zone to train longer and harder. Incorporate the Infinity Pitchback Screen into practice drills to increase agility, or use it to take at-home training to the next level. Practice with a partner—take turns pitching and fielding, or challenge teammates by throwing balls to rebound at odd angles.

Warmup with the Infinity Rebound Screen before games to keep reflexes sharp and enhance reaction times. Made with pro-grade materials, baseball and softball players of all ages and skill levels, from youth leagues to high school to college and beyond, can increase their fielding skills by training with this high-quality pitchback screen.

Features Of The Champro Infinity Rebounder

  • Consistent practice improves reaction times and builds muscle memory
  • The unique frame design provides infinite rebound angles without adjustment
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Weatherized, high visibility 30 ply PE net with 1 3/4" mesh
  • Quick & easy set-up
  • Push-pin connections and includes net tension tool makes for easy set-up

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