Champro 5-Position Adjustable Height Tee

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Train for every pitch location with a hitting tee that lets you work from 5 different hitting positions.

The hitting tee's telescoping tubes are adjustable anywhere between 21” up to 36". It is also adjustable to five positions that simulate five different pitch locations. When practice is over, the tubes detach and snap onto the heavy-duty, official size rubber plate for easy transport. There isn't a more important training aid than a tee, especially one that can simulate five different pitch locations!

  • Adjusts from 21" to 36"
  • Built in handle and easy to transport
  • Official size rubber plate base
  • Ideal for any age player or skill level
  • Weight: 10.68 lbs.
About The Tee

The Champro 5-Position Tee

The 5-Position Batting Tee helps build proper hitting fundamentals. Players of all ages can use it to improve their power and hitting approach at the plate.

An official-size rubber plate with 5 hitting positions prepares hitters to make solid contact with the ball when facing inside, outside, and center pitches.

Heavy-duty rubber construction withstands the intense daily training of dedicated athletes and ensures accurate feedback is provided after each swing.

Slide the heavy-duty telescoping rubber tubes to adjust the height from 21 to 36 inches. Adapt to each player and practice hitting high and low pitches.

The Tee tubes snap onto the plate, with a built-in handle for easy transport. Just pop the tubes off and slide them into one of the position holes to start training.

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