Bownet Sports ProMag Heavy-Duty Hitting Tee

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Material: Wrap Top
Material: Wrap Top

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In order to truly be an elite hitter, you need to put in the work even on the days you can't find anyone to work with. The ProMag Tee from Bownet always sets you up to take a good swing.

This heavy-duty tee for baseball and softball can be moved up, down, and all-around to practice hitting balls whether an actual pitcher might place them. If you've been struggling with pitches that are up and away, down and in, or anything in-between, just set your Bownet tee up so you can practice swinging in that location. You'll find the sweet spot in no time so you'll be ready when you see those pitches in a game.

About The Tee

The Bownet ProMag Tee 

Give yourself the option to Play Anywhere, Play Now with a premium hitting tee that can be set up outdoors or indoors. The ProMag has a patented magnetic base post that locks the chrome-plated tee post into place, giving it a low center of gravity that remains stable as you swing away.

The shaft itself can be adjusted to anywhere between 22 and 42 inches tall to cover your strike zone. And the ball sits on a Mesh Top™ that will bounce right back no matter how hard you whack it.

Make every day a BP day with an affordable hitter's tee that's used everywhere from youth leagues to the pros.


Features Of The Bownet ProMag Batting Tee

  • Bownet has made the base out of non-marking rubber so it won't nick up floors or gouge the grass. 
  • The Mesh Top has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty while the rest of the tee is covered by Bownet's one-year limited warranty. 
  • Patented chrome-plated magnetic tee post slots into steel plate base for secure connection
  • 14”x 9”, Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Rubber Molded Base
  • The telescoping shaft is adjustable from 22" to 42" tall
  • Tee Weight - 10lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 11lbs.

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