Bownet Sports Portable 8'x8' Fungo Practice Net

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When it comes to portable protection on the field, Bownet's Fungo is a new coach's best friend

As your program takes the next steps in practice drills, the Bownet Fungo net will help with this. You can add hitting ground balls to your infielders during live batting practice with other coaches and use the fungo net to protect the fielder. As you gain experience coaching you will see how important utilizing every minute of practice is, the Fungo Net allows you to do this. Of course with the name Bownet on it you know it is top quality!
About The Net

The Bownet Fungo Net

  • The net is permanently attached to the frame
  • At 90-seconds, it has the fsastest 'set up' time on the market
  • Comes with a free roller bag
  • Size - 8' x 8'
  • Weight - 29lbs.
  • Set-Up Time: 90 Sec.
  • Box Weight - 18lbs.

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