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The BenchCoach R12X Dugout Organizer

No dugout is complete without the BenchCoach, and when you order it from us, you get FREE is just another one of those things that makes us UNIQUE!

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The BenchCoach is the complete portable dugout organizing system for baseball and softball teams. The BenchCoach is a team-centered system that gives your dugout looks and feels like a major league dugout!

It has Individual equipment compartments for 12 -16 players that hold a player's hat, glove, helmet, and other small items. BenchCoach has thought of everything, including water bottle slings in the upper row compartments. There is a center-positioned hook for the catcher's mask and integrated bat hangers that hold up to 18 bats.

It is made from the toughest, strongest, and durable materials making it perfect for any team, in any weather conditions, no matter how much your players use and abuse it between innings.
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About The BenchCoach R12x

The BenchCoach R12X is the most complete, portable dugout organizer available for both baseball and softball teams. No built-ins? No problem... The BenchCoach brings major league organizations to any team's dugout!

The BenchCoach is ideal for teams with up to 16 players, the BenchCoach features 12 personalized player compartments that hold a player's hat, helmet, glove, water bottle, and other small items like sunglasses, batting gloves, etc. It also features two shelves and a hook for all of the catcher's equipment plus a rigid bat-hanging frame that holds up to 18 bats. There are insert pieces that you can use to convert the sections to 2 or 4 additional player compartments.

On each side are two coach's accessory pockets for game balls, personal items, etc., and a place to attach the lineup cardholder. The BenchCoach is equipped with safety and leverage straps in the back to hold it in place against wind and provide leverage for the weight of the bats.

It is constructed from heavy-duty 600D black polyester with a PVC coating, the R12x is moisture resistant and built to withstand anything mother nature throws at it. It also has resilient nylon strap reinforcements in all load bearing areas

It also comes with a custom carry bag with a shoulder strap and end handles that allow for easy transportation of the BenchCoach, and set up is a breeze. You simply unfold and hang, it takes less than a minute for one person to set it up or take it down. Since it only weighs 22 pounds, it’s easy to get from the car to the dugout and vice versa.

Why Do You Need A BenchCoach?

  • It’s Portable: A custom carry bag with shoulder straps and handles makes it easy to transport from the car to the dugout.
  • It’s Customizable It: Custom-made player name cards identify each player’s individual compartment.
  • It’s Fully Loaded: Large enough to hold a player’s helmet, hat, glove, water bottle, and small items like batting gloves and sunglasses.
  • It’s Made Tough: The BenchCoach is made from the toughest, strongest materials—making it perfect for baseball and softball equipment.
  • It is A Time-Saver: Save it all for the game! Set up and takedown is fast and simple with The BenchCoach.
  • It Offers Protection: Safety and leverage straps across the back hold it in place against wind and provide support for the weight of bats.
No dugout is complete without the BenchCoach!

What Does Coach Chris Think?

"Revolutionary product" is not a phrase I throw around lightly, however, the BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer is pretty revolutionary! Now, this product is not going to help your players pitch, hit, or field the ball, however, it is going to make a coach’s and player’s lives much easier!

The BenchCoach is a very portable organizer that traveling teams can take from game to game. It is lightweight at 22 pounds and set-up and takedown is a breeze. It has compartments for 16 players, which is way more than needed for most traveling teams. The individual compartments are perfect to house batting gloves, hats, fielding gloves, batting helmets, and drinks. There is a bat rack that is alongside the bottom of the BenchCoach that each player can hang a bat from. For the catchers, who carry a lot more gear than the other players, there are two shelves to put all of their gear. It even has shelves built in between the compartments and bat rat for all of the coach’s stuff. The BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer did not miss a trick!

I have been coaching for 11 years and everything I can find to make my life easier as a coach I strongly consider buying it. From new portable hitting nets, portable pitching machines to make practice easier, and now a portable organizer for the dugout no matter what field you play on. We even have a few fields where it is just a bench with no dugout. The nice thing about the BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer is it just hangs on the chain-link fence and makes it feel much more like a dugout. We even have started taking it to our practice field to hang and make our practice more organized.

Features Of The R12x

  • Simple set up and takedown by one person - just take it out of the bag and hang it in the dugout!
  • Individual equipment compartments for 12 -16 players
  • Each compartment holds a player's hat, glove, helmet, and water bottle plus other small items
  • Integrated conversion insert pieces enabling coaches to convert the shelf sections to 2 or 4 additional player compartments
  • Water bottle slings in the upper row compartments.
  • Two accessory pockets on both sides for coach's items, game balls, etc.
  • Center positioned hook for catcher's mask
  • Rigid PVC dip-coated wire form frame with integrated bat hangers that hold up to 18 bats
  • Grey leather-trimmed Name Card frames with clear PVC window for the display of personalized name cards.
  • Toughest, strongest materials – perfect for baseball & softball – helmets, bats, and all other gear
  • Moisture resistant 600D black polyester w/ PVC coating & resilient nylon strap reinforcements in all load bearing areas
  • Sturdy PE board inserts providing a smooth/flat storage surface on the bottom shelves.
  • Cool grey mesh fabric backing panel blends with dugout fencing, enhances airflow, and illuminates compartments.
  • Elastic trimmed nylon mesh accessory pockets on both sides
  • Reinforced compartments with fiberglass support rods!
  • Resilient nylon strap reinforcements in all load bearing areas
  • Dimensions: 58" Wide x 40" Tall x 12" Deep
  • Weight (collapsed and in carrying bag): 22lbs.

Setting Up The BenchCoach R12x

  • REMOVE the BenchCoach from its carry bag and find a clear spot to hang it.
  • OPEN and UNFOLD the BenchCoach by pulling on the pulling the flap, then unfold with bat holders facing you. Tip: fold the closure strap underneath and attach it to the Velcro strip to keep it out of the way
  • LIFT The BenchCoach using the top hooks and hang it on the fence starting with the ENDS – not the middle. Make sure each hook is on the same row to keep it level. Tip: lean a player’s bat against the fence to determine how high to hang it.
  • SECURE the BenchCoach using the two Velcro straps on each side. This holds it taught and secures it front wind or being pulled away from the fence.
  • HANG the carry bag on the fence using the attached shoulder strap clips

In The Game

  • ATTACH the lineup cardholder using the Velcro strips on the sidewall
  • INSERT extra shelf compartments if needed by using the built-in Velcro
  • PERSONALIZE players’ shelves by adding name cards – these can be left all season long
  • STORE all your gear and bats in the BenchCoach to keep the dugout clear

Taking It Down

  • REMOVE all player gear and equipment, as well as the lineup card. Store it flat in one of the shelf compartments.
  • DETACH the Velcro safety straps from the fence
  • UNHOOK the BenchCoach starting at one end, and supporting the rest with your other hand.
  • LAY FLAT on the ground, letting the shelves collapse and stack on each other
  • FOLD the BenchCoach in half and secure it with the closure strap