BATCO Over The Frame Trapezoid Cage Kits

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Size: 40 foot cage corners with #21 net
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The Over The Frame Trapezoid Cage Kit by BATCO is extremely easy to set up, stable, and will fit on any surface.

Don't let the size fool you; this cage is the real deal!  For college teams to facilities, high schools, and individuals that want just to put it up and use it.

This is for the frame corners and netting only. You will need to go to your local hardware store to buy the correct number of 3/4 EMT electrical conduit to complete the frame.

This cage is built with a metal framework that is trapezoid in shape - 10 feet at the top, 14 feet at the bottom, with a 10-foot height leaving plenty of room to hit. This framework is constructed of 3/4 EMT electrical conduit. (

Batco's Over The Frame Trapezoid Cage Kits provide a stable, large work area to maximize your hitting power. Crafted with a trapezoid shape and fitted net, the kits are designed to fit over the framework for maximum space. With a 10' H x 10' W top and 14' batters area, these cage kits provide superior stability.

The netting is nylon netting, as in the standard batting cages at all schools. It comes in medium weight (#21) and standard batting cage weight (#36). All are built with rib ropes in the correct places to give you a fit that allows the net to hang over the frame with no sag or droop.

Features of the Over The Frame Trapezoid Cage Kit

  • Trapezoid Shape
  • Stability & Large Work Area Shape
  • 10' H x 10' W at top, 14' W Batters Area
  • Net fitted form for placement over the framework

BATCO offers a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring customers can return the product and have return shipping costs covered. Using this cage is easy and efficient, though installing it correctly can take around an hour. When ordering, you receive corner fittings that connect the poles firmly. Additionally, you receive the trapezoid-shaped net, available in the weight of your choice. To ensure the frame is stable, you will need to have frames every 10 feet and need to install line poles down the cage.

3/4 EMT Electrical Conduit Needed (Not Included):
  • 40ft cage - 23 poles
  • 50ft cage - 28 poles
  • 60ft cage - 33 poles
  • 70ft cage - 38 poles

An added tip for construction that makes this almost as solid as if I would have dug it into the ground and installed it there. When you use it outdoors, you can get a 1/2 inch reinforcement bar in about 2 -3 feet lengths and drive them into the ground right next to the legs. Pick the legs up and put them over the reinforcement bars. Putting the legs over these bars creates a bind and extremely stable install. You will be amazed and pleased. Indoor install, turf, concrete, asphalt, and hard service it comes with rubber caps to go on the end of the poles to give it traction.

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Awesome Purchase. This thing is great.

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