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Bring power and accuracy to all your practice drills with the fungo training rackets from Accubat!

About The Accubat

The 26oz Accubat Pro

Anyone that has hit fly balls knows how difficult it is to hit them to where you want it! Outfielders, especially as they get older, need to work on fly balls over their heads, in front of them, and in the alley. Hitting a fly ball into these different spots consistently is nearly impossible.

The Accubat is the tool you need to be able to hit it to these different spots consistently and make your practice much more effective! This is a very good investment to make your team ready to compete at the big game!

Who Is The Accubat For?:

Players: Learn to read the ball and react intuitively!
Ideal for softball or baseball players of all ages, this equipment enhances practice drills as problem areas are focused on speed, repetition, and control.

Coaches: Don't wear out your arm!
Coaches love it because the no-slip grip of the racket minimizes the fatigue of the repetitive motion of actually hitting the ball multiple times in fielding drills. The repeat action keeps the players on their toes mentally and physically, cutting down on fielding errors.

Parents: Get involved without getting worn out!
Easy to use, parents can pick up the Accubat and target the precise placement of the ball with minimal effort. Work with your athlete on your own time, even without the coach or other teammates.

What Does Coach Chris Think?

The Accubat truly has become a coaches' helper over the years with just how simple it is to use. With the results you get on a consistent basis there is no substitute. The Accubat has simplified hitting perfect fly balls and ground balls by putting a racquet-shaped tool in the hands of many coaches across the country. Hitting ground balls and fly balls with a fungo bat is not as easy as one might think. In my years of playing and coaching, I have seen plenty of coaches that were not able to replicate game situations.

The Accubat has turned to hit fungos into a thing of the past. The superior accuracy of the Accubat has made it a no-brainer transition for many coaches. Not only does the Accubat provide an easier solution to

hitting fungos, but it is also much cheaper than buying a fungo bat.

Using an Accubat to hit Flyballs and Ground balls allows a coach to hit more efficiently and allows more reps to be completed in a shorter amount of time. One of the ways this has improved pre-game warmups is when given little time before a game for flyballs and ground balls, the Accubats accuracy allows us to get the most out of each rep.

The Unique Sports Team Says:

At Unique Sports, we not only sell sports equipment, but we also use it. With a mix of athletes and coaches at our company, we often find ourselves in the same position as many of our customers, and we look to their advice too.

When it comes to fielding practice, like many of you, we find that the use of a baseball bat can often become awkward and come up short on distance and accuracy for most coaches hitting players. The development of the fungo bat was to fix this very problem with a coach's practice bat that featured a skinnier, lighter frame for higher accuracy and more repetitions when the ball is tossed in the air compared to the control of a regular bat.

Unfortunately, the problem with accuracy and simply making contact with a fungo bat often persists, however, we think the solution might lay with The Coaches' Helper from Accubat Sports.

The Accubat is not the latest or most advanced item we offer in terms of technology, but it is one of our most popular items and one that we as coaches find the most effective. The Accubat allows coaches to make the most out of a fielding practice with a sturdy fully warranted frame and tough nylon netting that is held taut with specially treated bands and a nonslip grip to ensure that this simple solution will last for years of daily use.

Unlike traditional fungo bats, even with very little practice or experience, almost anyone can master consistently hitting accurate fly balls to the outfield with the Accubat Coaches' Helper. At an affordable price, it has become as indispensable to fielding practice as pitching machines are to hitting practice.

Most fungo bats require a skill set to hit balls where you want them but the Accubat is designed to be used by coaches, players, and parents with very little effort. Simply hold the Coaches' Helper in one hand with the glove in the other and you’re ready to catch and hit balls effectively with a player or an entire team. Deliver more hits to more players making a fielding practice more efficient than ever. The Accubat is also very versatile in that with a simple adjustment to your swing, anyone can deliver fly balls, chops, or grounders.

The Accubat comes in two models, the Accubat Coaches’ Helper and Accubat Pro. In our experience, the Accubat Coaches' Helper, weighing 20 oz is great for beginners or work in the backyard or park. The Accubat Pro, weighing 26 oz, is preferred by coaches and provides more options for hitting power.
The 26oz Accubat Pro

The 26 oz Accubat Accubat Pro

This 26-ounce model is preferred by coaches and their assistants. The Pro Model is great for educational classes, intramural drills, team workouts, or individual practice.

As a coach, you'll now have an extra edge. The Pro Model is lightweight and can be used by anyone. The Accubat Pro is the perfect aid to make your practice more efficient.

The Accubat Pro frame is constructed of tough graphite that's meant to last, season after season. The net is made of durable interwoven torsion bands that propel the ball with speed and pinpoint accuracy. Weighing less than 2 pounds, at 90 square inches, it’s lightweight, easy to store and pack up and go. The bonus - it's moderately priced to work in tandem with other training tools.

Every player on your baseball or softball team stays in great fielding shape with the Accubat Pro Model practice tool. This piece of gear allows players or coaches to pinpoint ground balls, line drives, and pop flies with the swing of a racket!

Lob it to the infield or slam into the outfield. Hit balls precisely for a complete workout with individual attention to every position. Each player gets a chance to perfect their ball-handling - catching and throwing with precision.

Whether your athlete is working out one-on-one, playing intramural sports, select baseball or softball, or just having fun, everyone benefits from the Accubat Pro.

  • Weighs 26 ounces, 90 square inches of surface area
  • Baseball fielding device lets you predictably hit ground balls, pop flies, and line drives
  • Ideal for educational classes, intramural drills, team workouts, or individual practice
  • Helps consistent repetition necessary for effective training, while minimizing fatigue
  • The frame includes a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty
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Nice addition to toolbox

As advertised. Comes in handy for short to midrange fly balls

United States United States

Your arm/shoulder will thank you

Takes a bit of getting use to but once you master it, this thing really saves your arm/shoulder. Helps to practice fly balls and outfield grounders. Its a must for any baseball teams gear bag.

George D.
United States United States

Love it!

This thing is great for hitting spot-on fly balls, whether 5 feet in the air newer players or 30+ feet for more advanced. And it’s great for hitting those pop-ups to the catcher. Placement is easy; I can move my players in and out, practicing their drop steps or really digging for the ball when I hit it short. It’s so easy to use and precise that I have my players use it on the infield while I hit deep fungos to the outfield. Triple the reps for my players.

Ryan S.
United States United States


The item was better and easier to use than I had imagined. Does exactly what the description implies. Very fun to use. Seems in very sturdy condition

Matthew I.
United States United States

It does the job

The racket was heavier than I expected, so it was not as easy to use as I expected. The hitting surface is somewhat small, so it's easy to hit the frame instead of the strings. Nevertheless, it does hit good fly balls, it's just a little hard to control.

United States United States

Serves its purpose

I recently bought the AccuNet to run outfield drills. The tool works as expected, but takes some getting used to when trying to develop some accuracy. I have a shoulder injury, so I struggle to get the distance I was hoping to get, but other coaches on my team love it.

United States United States

Quality isn’t good

Worked well and after 3 uses, it broke.

Stan S.
United States United States

Accurate pro

This is a great tool to add to my arsenal it makes my life so much easier when my daughter is practicing. I love how it helps me be more accurate when hitting balls to her.

Jay T.
United States

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