9-Hole Pitchers Pocket Pitch Location Target By ProMounds

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The Pitchers Pocket Practice Screen is ideal for evaluating a pitcher's accuracy.

The pockets provide a range of targets for a pitcher to improve and evaluate his/her accuracy around the strike zone. It's like having a catcher that tells you exactly where the pitch was thrown!
ProMound Pitcher's Practice

A Coach's Perspective:

The key to pitching is throwing changing and moving the ball inside as well as up and down. All pitchers should focus on pitch location for specific game situations one of the best ways to work proper mechanics putting where they want it employ a tool like a Promounds 9-Hole Pitcher's Pocket.

There are numerous ways to use a pitching target like this but here an example of how you could incorporate it into your pitcher training

After the player throws a bucket of balls to loosen up their arm, we recommend training with a 30-35 pitch sequence, working on pitch location. Pick a pitch and work on exactly where the ball should go. For instance, start with the fastball and work on 5 inside middle to a right-handed hitter, 5 outside middle to a right-handed hitter, 5 inside top to a right-handed hitter, and 5 outside top to a right-handed hitter. Always work in groups of 5 pitches per location to help develop that release point muscle memorization.

Next, pick another pitch, like a slider, and work 5 middle, 5 inside middle to a right-handed hitter, 5 middle outside to right-handed hitter, and then 5 lower outside to right-handed hitter. He then finishes with his changeup going 5 middle outside to a left-handed hitter, 5 lower outside to left-handed hitter, and finishes with 5 lower outside to a right-handed hitter.

The pitcher really needs to make the hitter “move their eyes”, meaning keep showing them different locations so they cannot get locked in on one pitch and one location. Many coaches have found the best way to work on this is to use the 9-Hole Target for instant results and release point muscle memorization. He has even broken down his workouts for specific pitch focus.

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