Does the ZS740 throw real baseballs?

Yes. It throws regulation baseballs at speeds from 10 to 65+ MPH. It also throws many other types of balls.

Is this machine safe?

Access to the machine is password protected. The machine is compatible with safety, soft-core, and tennis balls. It has no external moving parts. It can be shut down safely in the middle of a pitch by pressing any button on the keypad. It is powered by an internal 12 volt battery. No AC outlet, extension cord, or gasoline-powered generator is needed.

Does it require electricity?

The pitching machine is battery powered (cordless). It does not require an electrical plug-in to operate in the field. However, the user must plug it in to recharge after use.

How does the pitching machine work?

The operator places a ball on the front scoop of the machine and rolls it into the barrel. The machine detects the ball, pumps up to pressure, beeps and flashes a pitch alert, and throws the ball. A 50 mph pitch takes less than 5 seconds.

Does it throw regulation baseballs?

It will throw all regulation baseballs.

What other types of balls does it throw?

In addition to real baseballs, the ZS740 will throw safety baseballs, machine-pitch dimple balls, rubber sponge baseballs, soft-core baseballs and tennis balls.

How long does the battery last?

The machine uses a 12 volt sealed rechargeable battery. The number of pitches per charge varies with the speed and the weight of the ball. With real baseballs, the machine will throw approximately 700 pitches at 40 mph, or 500 pitches at 50 mph, or 400 pitches at 60 mph before recharging. An external 12 volt battery is available if extra capacity is ever needed. With proper care, the expected lifetime before the battery must be replaced is approximately 100,000 throws, or about 5 to 10 years typical use.

Would you recommend this unit for a youth machine-pitch league?

The Zooka ZS740 Portable Pitching Machine is perfect for youth machine-pitch leagues. It is portable, accurate, and safe. It has provision for an additional external battery. Unlike other machines, it does not require extension cords or a generator at the playfield.

How do you know the speed of the pitch?

The ZS740 measures and displays the speed of each pitch.

How high does it throw balls?

It throws pop-ups over 12 stories high!

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The battery recharges to 80% of full charge within 6 hours, full charge overnight.

How do you know when the ball is being pitched?

When a ball is rolled into the machine, it pumps up to pressure for a few seconds, beeps and flashes a pitch alert, and then throws the ball. Most batters quickly learn to anticipate the pitch. If necessary, the operator can help by synchronizing a throwing motion with each pitch.

What kinds of pitches can it throw?

The machine throws fastballs and changeups at speeds from 10 to 65+ mph. The changeup mode randomly varies pitch speed to distribute pitches around the strike zone for game realistic pitching. The machine does not presently throw curveballs.

Who can use the ZS740?

The machine helps players of all ages to improve their hitting and fielding.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs 30 pounds, complete with tripod and internal battery. It is the lightest full-featured pitching machine available. It was designed for true portability and ease of use, anywhere you want to play.

How accurate is the ZS740?

It is very accurate. With real baseballs, pitches typically scatter within the strike zone. With machine-pitch dimple balls, pitches can be placed within a few inches.

Will it throw softballs?

The ZS740 will not throw softballs. Some softball teams use our machine with our 4 oz. machine pitch dimple balls (9 inch circumference) for batting practice. These balls will not damage softball bats and provide a top pitch speed of 75 mph. A short tripod is available for a realistic pitch release height of 23 inches.

How durable is the unit?

Our machine is designed and built to last. We a use a 1/8 inch thick steel inner chassis, high-strength aluminum alloys for light weight structural elements, and high-impact polycarbonate for the exterior housing.

How do I adjust the ZS740 so that it hits the strike zone?

Our machine is much easier to aim and adjust than other designs. A calibrated pitch height adjustment scale on the tripod lets the user quickly and precisely adjust pitch placement.

How much does a ZS740 cost?

$739.00 per unit including tripod, internal battery, and charger. This does not include applicable sales tax, freight and handling.

Can you use the ZS740 for fielding practice?

Yes. The ZS740 quickly adjusts for pop-ups, fly balls, line drives and outfield grounders. Because of its pinpoint accuracy and repeatability, it is ideal for a wide variety of fielding drills. Players rapidly gain skill through repetition.

What other products or accessories are you going to offer?

Zooka also offers an external battery pack, various types of balls, a short tripod, and service parts. See our products page for additional information and prices.

Can you use this indoors?

Yes. We recommend that you use soft-core baseballs for indoor practice.

What is your warranty?

The machine is covered by a limited warranty for 12 months or 100,000 pitches.

Where can I buy this pitching machine?

You can purchase it directly from our web site, or our toll free phone number at 1-877-854-9319, or at select specialty sporting goods stores.

How long does it take to set up the ZS740?

Setup takes less than one minute. No tools are required.

What do I do if I have a problem with the ZS740?

With proper care, the ZS740 should give years of trouble-free use. Simple cleaning and battery charging after each use will prevent most problems. The ZS740 has built-in self-diagnostics and displays error codes when error conditions occur. Users should then refer to the troubleshooting section of the owner’s manual for advice on clearing common problems.

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