As cold weather sweeps the nation it becomes increasingly more difficult to stay involved in activities or keep kids motivated to participate in sports. Snow and cold close gyms and cancel practices but it’s important that kids continue to stay active, stay fit and improve in the offseason.

It can take a bit of creativity to come up with fun drills to do in the space of a basement or garage and also some convincing to get kids to take part, but Unique-Sports is here to help. We offer some simple ideas and products that will make a parents job a little easier when it comes to getting kids to embrace winter sports.

Baseball and Softball Soft Toss Machines in combination with hitting nets are the perfect tools for keeping hand-eye coordination sharp and refining a swing without leaving the comfort and warmth of your basement. Easy to set up and move between drills, soft toss machines let kids work on arguably the most important aspect of hitting, timing. Without the space needed for larger pitching machines, soft toss machines provide reps without the risk of sending a baseball through a basement window. Our most popular setup includes our Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss and Bownet Big Mouth Hitting Net. Both set up in seconds and are easy to store when finished.

Basketball is another sport that is easy to practice at home when you don’t have access to or simply can’t make it in to the gym. Kids want to shoot hoops but it’s easy to forget the importance of ball handling, another skill that can be perfected with practice at home. Encourage kids to learn new moves or practice techniques like a crossover and behind the back dribble while keeping their head up and eyes off the ball. If the space is available, kids can then work on these skills while on the move until they become more and more comfortable with the ball in their hands. Pick up a rebounder like our Spalding Bounce Back to practice passing and catching to mix it up.

We try to keep it fun but also understand that drills at home can become a bit monotonous. When you’re kids are feeling a bit cramped at home, bundle them up and send them outside for excise. Not everyone has access to a mountain to ski, and even if you do, we reccomend cross-country skiing as one of the best exercises to seek out this winter. Equipment is typically easy to rent and can provide one of, if not the best, exercise and enjoyable experiences you will have this winter. If there’s no snow on the ground where you live, roller skiing is a great substitute that will provide an excellent workout as well as a unique experience this winter.

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