Will an Iron Mike Pitching Machine Throw a Curveball?
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Will an Iron Mike Pitching Machine Throw a Curveball?

Iron Mike Pitching Machines are favorite for commercial batting cage setups and are used by high schools, colleges and MLB teams across the country. Iron Mike machines are popular for a number of reasons including durability and commitment to quality but there are a couple of factors that set Iron Mike Machines apart from other commercial pitching machines.

Arm style pitching machines are the only pitching machines that replicate the throwing style of a pitchers arm. Hitting is all about timing and arm style machines allow hitters to replicate the motion of a pitchers arm as well as the release point. Every pitch on an Iron Mike machines displays this same motion with machine's arm wind up and release of the ball.

Another benefit of the Iron Mike machines are that they feature a hopper that feeds baseballs or softballs to the machine distribution system. The Hopper system holds up to 600 baseball or 400 softballs with the ability to start and stop the machine from the batter's area. This lets a hitter get valuable reps without the help of a coach or teammate.

One question we receive often is will an Iron Mike pitching machine throw a curve ball? What types of pitches do Iron Mike machines throw?

Two wheel pitching machines are needed for the ability to throw curves and different types of pitches. Arm style pitching machines, such as Iron Mike, are limited to fastballs but have the advantage of timing and release point. Different "hands" are available for the Iron Mike machines to throw baseballs or softballs. A a slow pitch softball hand, and a slow pitch softball ball stop can also be purchased as an alternative to the fast pitch softball hand.

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