BATA Baseball is another recognizable name in the pitching machine industry and has been a choice for many Major League Baseball teams, including the Chicago White Sox and San Diego Padres, since 1991. Always adapting to changes in the game, BATA is known as a leader in new technology and make all machines right here in the USA.

So why buy a BATA Pitching Machine over other brands?

BATA features benefits over others in what they consider to be the 5 most important factors in evaluating a pitching machine when making a purchase. These 5 important factors are as follows; Construction, Motor/Electronics, Wheels, Ease of use, and Capacity.

As mentioned, when it comes to construction, BATA machines are made in the USA. A simple but important factor for many customers. Unlike many other pitching machines, BATA frames are only made from steel with no plastic in or around the frame.

The motor and electronics for every BATA machine are also made in the USA out of solid steel electronic controls. Others have been know to import these parts directly from China.

BATA believe they have also found the most effective wheel design as well. BATA features a solid wheel with a Goodyear rubber tread over an aluminum core. This design and attention to detail allow the pitching machine to reduce any vibration that would cause the machine to be less accurate. The solid wheel also eliminates any issues and added concern over the air pressure in a pneumatic tire.

BATA machines are also extremely easy to use in terms of portability, set up and adjustment on the machine so a coach or parent can have the machine throwing strikes in no time at all. With three key pivot points, BATA machines can be adjusted from side to side, up and down and for delivery angle. Simply loosen the joint, make the adjustment and lock it back in place. The available transport wheels are also easy to lock on the pitching machine for easy transportation with tipping the machine on it’s tires like many other wheeled pitching machines.

Last but certainly not least is capacity. BATA offers several machines at several different price points that allows coaches, parents and players to find the machine that fits their needs. Don’t overpay for an overpowered machine – Find the machine that is best suited to your specifications.

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