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Unique Sports “Top Five” Most Popular Pitching Machines

Pitching Machines are now a staple for baseball and softball batting practices, from backyard batting cages to Major League Baseball training facilities. With a variety of options available, finding the pitching machine that fits your needs can be a difficult task. As athletes and coaches, we at Unique Sports have years of experience, not only selling baseball and softball pitching machines, but practicing and teaching with pitching machines ourselves. 

We know pitching machines and we know how to find the perfect pitching machine for you. Wheel Style vs. Arm Style Pitching Machines? One Wheel vs. Two wheel Pitching Machines? We are here to answer ANY question and find a machine for ANY situation. 

Ultimately, finding the perfect pitching machine for developing hitters will be determined by a number of factors but don’t let that stop you from taking a look at one of our TOP FIVE most popular pitching machines as a good starting point for pitching machine shopping! 


1. ATEC Casey Pro 3G Pitching Machine – It’s no coincidence that our most popular pitching machine is also one of, if not THE best pitching machine on the market. Our customers, including high schools, colleges and professional organizations are often looking for the best and the ATEC Casey Pro 3G Pitching Machine fits the bill. 

The ATEC Casey Pro 3G two-wheel system will throw any type of pitch with extreme accuracy making it a must for elite players and teams! 


2. JUGS Jr. Pitching Machine – The JUGS Jr. is not only our most popular youth-league pitching machine, but the the most popular youth pitching machine in the world. The accuracy of the JUGS Jr. helps build confidence in young hitters.

With one wheel the JUGS Jr. can throw fastballs at speeds of up to 60mph. We recommend the Jr. for ages 8-15 in baseball but our coaches have used is effectively for hitting drills at the high school level! 


3. Iron Mike MP-6 Pitching Machine – A favorite for commercial batting cages and professional organizations, the Iron Mike Pitching Machine is the only option to consider when looking for a top of the line arm pitching machine. The Iron Mike’s arm style system replicates the motion of a pitcher’s arm, allowing hitters to work on timing and a more realistic game hitting situation. Timing is an important and under appreciated aspect of hitting that can’t be recreated with a wheeled pitching machine. 

With a 600 ball hopper, the Iron Mike allows hitters to receive maximum reps without the help of coaches or parents!  


4. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine – The First Pitch brand of pitching machines promises a high quality pitching machine at an affordable price. First Pitch levels the playing field with competitive machines at an excellent value for home or league use. 

The First Pitch Baseline is our recommendation and most popular machine for backyard use with speeds of up to 70mph and a variety of options for fielding and defensive drills!  


5. Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Pitching Machine – If your in the market for a soft toss pitching machine, look no further than the Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Pitching Machine. At an incredible value, the Wheeler Dealer simply provides options that other soft toss machines do not. 

Train year-round with the Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss and a hitting net both indoors and out. Control the speed, height and frequency of pitches without reloading after every pitch. The 23 baseball and 13 softball feeder lets you receive reps at your specifications!  


If you have a question about one of the pitching machines listed or any of our pitching machines, call 1-800-297-0747 and one of our customer service representatives and pitching machine experts will be happy to help! 

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