Summer is in full swing and fall is around the corner but it’s never too late to save on products that can turn your backyard into your very own sports sanctuary.

Don’t know where to start? Let Unique-Sports help you make the best of your summer experience with some of our favorite products!

Baseball is one of the more difficult sports for parents to participate in with their kids. It’s not an ideal situation for most parents to pitch to their kids, where accuracy can become a problem, or shag baseballs out of a neighbor’s yards. Batting cages and pitching machines are a popular alternative but not everyone needs or wants an industrial pitching machine and large institutional batting cage in their backyard. Some don’t have the space and for others, this setup is simply excessive.

In this case, our Heater X-Tender cages are the perfect option. The Heater X-Tenders are available in a variety of different sizes ranging from 12’ – 72’. If used with a machine, we typically recommend a cage no smaller than 36’.

The X-Tender Batting Cages are easy to put up and take down with every use and also allow you to add length to the cage with the purchase of any additional X-Tender unit. The Fiberglass frame stands up nicely to any impact from baseballs and golf balls and allows young athletes a few extra reps in the backyard without worrying about damage to the house.

The X-Tender is compatible with almost any pitching machine and can also be used for golf and other backyard activities.

If you’re looking for a group activity after a backyard barbecue, look no further than the Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball System. A Unique-Sports favorite for company outings, the Spectrum Classic is ideal for professional-grade play at the beach or a pick-up game in your own backyard.

The Spectrum Classic is a staple at outdoor volleyball competitions across the country. The Classic Volleyball System features an aluminum frame and is guaranteed to stand up to a spike from even the most experienced players. The Classic Volleyball System requires at least 32’ of space but is designed for easy setup and disassembly between games. The Spectrum Classic also comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

Available in a variety of different colors and adjustable for men’s, women’s or coed play, the Spectrum Classic Volleyball System is our pick for outdoor volleyball fun.

The World Cup may be over but Major League Soccer is in season and leagues across the world are getting ready to kick off this month. It’s never too late to become a fan of the beautiful game or participate and there’s no easier way to play than the PUGG Portable Soccer Goals.

PUGG was designed as the “pick-up-game-goal”, so they are perfect for a quick game at the park. PUGG Goals are also used by some of the worlds best and endorsed by top players as a great training tool. Nothing makes a game of soccer easier than the PUGG soccer goals.

These are just a few products we at Unique-Sports recommend as a great way to get kids outdoors this summer!

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