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Unique Perspective: The Perfect Mound

Pitching Mounds are now considered a necessity in baseball, from Little League to the Majors, and the standards expected at all levels require a solid foundation, long lasting, low maintenance, portability, safety and lightweight. Not only does The Perfect Mound meet these expectations but also exceeds them. With both Adult and Youth mound options,The Perfect Mound portable solution with a perfect design. 

Long Lasting:

Pitching Mounds are an expensive purchase and our customers expect a mound that not only meets performance standards, but will last for years to come. The Perfect Mound features industrial grade material, engineered to perform. 

The Perfect Mound uses high-grade fiberglass for the base providing extreme durability even with daily use. 

Most importantly, The Perfect Mound comes with a 10 year limited warranty and is expected to last well beyond a decade. 

Low Maintenance: 

Dirt mounds can be a hassle and require constant maintenance. The Perfect Mound eliminates the need for maintenance and will keep it’s shape and stability the same after every use. 

The artificial turf can experience some wear and tear after years of use and is easy to replace for a mound that is just like new. 


Standard mounds can be extremely heavy and difficult to transport on and off the field of play. The Perfect Mound eliminates this issue and allows for easy portability and installation with individual mound pieces than can be assembled and disassembled in only minutes. Remove the mound and transform the field from baseball to softball use without breaking a sweat.


Easily the most important factor to consider when purchasing a pitching mound is player safety. As top priority to The Perfect Mound, it’s engineered with a no lip edge to eliminate tipping and the dangerous slopes created by many other mounds. 


In line with portability, the lightweight design allows the mound to be an ease for installation and storage. The lightweight individual pieces can be moved by 2-4 people safely compared to large heavy mounds. 

The Perfect Mound Adult Mound

The Perfect Mound Adult is designed to meet the specifications of Major League Baseball! At 18’, The Adult Mound can be used for High School, College and Pro Baseball. 

The Perfect Mound Youth Mound 

The Perfect Mound Youth is ideal for coaches and programs with multiple leagues or age groups at one field. At 10’, The Perfect Mound Youth is “perfect” for Little League, Pony League, Middle and Junior High School Baseball.

So why the Perfect Mound? If we didn’t already convince you or if you have any questions on our new Perfect Mound products, feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists.

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