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Unique Perspective: The Hitting Jack-It Training System

From the earliest days of baseball, players have added heavy weights to their bats during batting practice to build strength and, in theory, get more power at the plate. From heavy bats and iron bars to crude lead donuts, players and trainers have tried everything to increase power and bat speed, not always with optimal results. Today’s baseball and softball players reap the benefits of 175 years of painstaking research with the development of the perfect batting practice system – Hitting Jack-It Training System.

Professional hitting coaches and scientists now all agree that despite tradition and popular belief, practicing your swing with too much weight on the end of your bat can actually slow down your bat speed at the plate. The introduction of Hitting Jack-It Training System, a progressive, variable weighted training system for batting practice is changing behaviors at batting practices throughout the sport.

The beauty of the Hitting Jack-It system is a player’s ability to hit live balls without having to remove the product from the bat. So natural is the feel of this product that then Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Hunter Pence once almost went to bat with the Hitting Jack-It still on his bat during a major league game (MLB YouTube video).

Whether you are just getting serious about your hitting technique or if you’ve been in the game for years, the Hitting Jack-It system has a tool for every level. It comes in three sizes to assist in progressive training including the 9 oz size to help develop bat speed, the 12 oz size to strengthen hands, forearms, and muscle memory as well as the 16 oz size to develop maximum power. Baseball and softball players at every level, including 30 major league baseball teams, use the Hitting Jack-It Training System.

Unlike old-school metal donuts, Hitting Jack-It is the first professional grade variable weighted system that allows players to hit “live” during batting practice. Its unique design only slides to the label area of the bat, not all the way to the top of the barrel. This design places the weight in the optimal bat position and ensures that it doesn’t fly off. With this system, players can:

·       improve bat speed

·       add strength and power

·       keep hands from casting

·       create a shorter, more compact swing

·       train progressively with variable weights, targeting specific skills and muscle groups

·       practice with “live” hitting, off the tee or as an on-deck weight

·       reinforce solid swing mechanics with more reps

The Hitting Jack-It system becomes an extension of your hands and lighter, variable weights allow players to increase the number of reps they can do in each practice while maintaining proper form and technique. If you are interested in trying Hitting Jack-It Training System, you can find great deals on this revolutionary product at the online sporting goods store Unique Sports and at retail outlets across the US.


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