Revolutionary product is not something I throw around lightly, however the BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer is pretty revolutionary! Now this product is not going to help your players pitch, hit, or field the ball, however it is going to make a the coach’s and player’s lives much easier!

The BenchCoach is very portable organizer that traveling teams can take from game to game. It is lightweight at 22 pounds and set-up and take down is a breeze. It has compartments for 16 players, which is way more than needed for most traveling teams. The individual compartments are perfect to house batting gloves, hats, fielding gloves, batting helmet, and drinks. There is a bat rack that is alongside the bottom of the BenchCoach that each player can hang a bat from. For the catchers, who carry a lot more gear than the other players, there are two shelves to put all of their gear. It even has shelves built in between the compartments and bat rat for all of the coach’s stuff. The BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer did not miss a trick!

I have been coaching for 11 years and everything I can find to make my life easier as a coach I strongly consider buying it. From new portable hitting nets, portable pitching machines to make practice easier, and now a portable organizer for the dugout no matter what field you play on. We even have a few fields where it is just a bench with no dugout. The nice thing about the BenchCoach Portable Dugout Organizer is it just hangs on the chain link fence and makes it feel much more like a dugout. We even have started taking it to our practice field to hang and make our practice more organized.

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