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Unique Perspective: Sports Attack Training Equipment

Unique Sports is excited to welcome Sports Attack products to our selection this month. Sports Attack is a well known manufacturer of high-end baseball/softball pitching machines as well as soccer, volleyball, football and tennis machines. 

With over 40 years of experience, Sports Attack builds each machine in the United States with parts made in the USA. 

Offering products with innovative designs such as the popular three wheel Hack Attack, Sports Attack provide machines that meet and even exceed the standards needed for professional organizations. Sports Attack baseball products are used by universities and MLB teams across the country including the Pittsburg Pirates, San Francisco Giants, Cincinnati Reds and Tampa Bay Rays. 

Customers at every level praise the offensive and defensive capabilities of Sports Attack products. 

“In the past our hitters refused to hit off of pitching machines once the season started. Hack Attack eliminates any complaints about timing. Being able to see the ball accelerate realistically simulates arm action. Timing, timing, timing.” – Duane Espy Hitting Instructor for the Colorado Rockies

The primary machine of Major League baseball and division 1 teams across the country, the Hack Attack features 3 wheels, 3 motors, 360 degree rotation and complete vision of balls coming out of the chute. 

Sports Attack’s exceptional quality extends beyond baseball and softball machines. The Snap Attack Football Machine is an easy to use yet effective training tool for football teams at any level. The solid polyurethane wheels eliminate the stress and time needed for attention to air pressure of the tires. 

The Strike Attack Soccer Machine allows users to replicate virtually any type of soccer shot. The speed, direction and spin can all be controlled creating a perfect training tool for goalkeeper coaches. 

The Skill Attack Volleyball Machine is great for practice on receiving serves, digging and spiking. No longer are coaches occupied with serving as the machine frees up coaches to work with the receiver with endless repetition. 

The Ace Attack Tennis Pitching Machine is also a great tool for working on returns as the machine delivers authentic serves or ground stroke work. 

With a five year manufacturers warranty on all machines, Sports Attack is guaranteed to provide the quality and performance you expect for years to come. We at Unique Sports are proud to provide Sports Attack products and will work with customers to make sure they find the Sports Attack product to fit any and all needs. If you have any questions on any of the new Sports Attack products, feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists. 

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