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Unique Perspective: Rawlings Pro Line Pitching Machines

As one of the biggest names in baseball, Rawlings is a brand you know and trust and that’s why we’re happy to add Rawlings Pitching Machines to our selection. 

The Rawlings Pro Line Two Wheel Pitching Machine was engineered to be light accurate and easy to use. Weighing less than 60 pounds, the Pro Line two wheel is easy for coaches or players to move around the field. Bright LED’s display the actual wheel speeds for baseball or softball use directly on the control panel. The ball and socket adjustment make setting up any pitch a breeze with speeds up to 105 mph. Extremely accuarate with game balls and almost perfect tested accuracy with dimpled practice balls. The Rawlings Pro Line Two Wheel comes in three models, Baseball, Softball and the ARP – adjustable release point machine. 

The Rawlings Pro Line Three Wheel Pitching Machine features 3 wheels and 3 contact points that grip the ball for ultimate accuracy, break and visibility. There is no change to the machines accuracy even at top speeds. The digital control panel makes the the Pro Line extremely easy to use – simply select the pitch speed, spin direction and spin amount, all with the push of a button and the wheel speeds all adjust automatically providing 37 different pitches at speeds up to 100 mph hour. The geared crank wheels also provide fast and precise directional adjustment. 

Rawlings also offers the Rawlings Pro Line Automatic Feeder, a high capacity automatic feeder that works with all Rawlings two or three wheel machines and holds more balls than any other system – 29 softballs or 35 baseballs. A flexible ramp attaches directly to the machine and features an open design that allows batters to see the ball as feeds. This small but important feature allows the simulate the release of a pitcher and batters to work on timing. A wireless remote is also available that can control the feeder from up to 100ft away. 

Also available from Rawlings/Spinball Sports is the oringinal Spinball Wizard. Engineered to be the lightest, toughest and most accurate machine on the market. At only 58 pounds, getting to the field is quick and easy. On the field, it’s performance is unmatched. Accurate fastballs from 25-95 mph and controls for infield and outfield ground ball or pop fly drills. Simple adjustments allow for different pitches including curveballs, sliders, screwballs and more. 

Rawlings is setting new standards for performance, quality and ease of use. With all parts made in the USA and a 5 year warranty on all Rawlings Pitching Machines, you’re guaranteed a machine that will last for years to come. 

If you have any questions on any of the new Rawlings products, please feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists.

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