Unique Perspective: PUGG Soccer Goals

PUGG the original Pop Up Soccer Goal, was invented in Boston back in 1994 but has continued to grow in popularity with the sport of soccer and is now used worldwide. PUGG or Pick Up Game Goal, was designed for just that, A pick-up soccer game goal that is easy to transport for games anywhere, anytime. 

PUGG not only created a goal perfect for 1on1 or 2on2 backyard soccer games with the original 4’ & 6’ pop-up soccer goals, but training for professional clubs at the highest levels around the world. Now PUGG has introduced a number of new goals that fit the needs of any soccer training situation.

With the new PUGG Ultra Q5, if you receive the only weighted PUGG goal available in the PUGG shape you know and love. At 60”x36”x36”, the Ultra Q5 provides size and stability in even windy conditions. 

The PUGG Ultra U90 features corners and a heavy duty nylon that makes it the choice of coaches and players at the top level. As with all PUGG goals, the Ultra U90 also comes with a carry bag with shoulder strap that makes it the easiest goal in the world to transport. 

Need more than one or two goals? PUGG is now available in pack of 6, all featuring a different color with the PUGG 6 Color Pack. Perfect for soccer leagues or summer activity camps, the color pack comes with 6 different color goals. Purchase two sets to have up to 6 games going at one time with color coded goals! 

Of course, the classic PUGG Four & Six Foot Goals are also still available in both a single goal and pair. The original pop-up goal is not only fun for all ages, but safe and durable as well. 

We have you covered with any of your soccer goal needs this summer. If you have any questions on a PUGG soccer goal or are looking for PUGG accessories, please feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our soccer goal specialists. PUGG – It’s not a game without a goal.


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