Just in time for baseball season, introducing Proper Pitch Pitching Mounds – proper mounds for proper pitching. Proper Pitch Mounds are built to fit a variety of specifications and requirements to fit the indoor and outdoor mound needs for programs at any level. 

Proper Pitch make mounds with several key factors in mind. Proper Pitch mounds are lightweight and built with portability in mind. They are built with quality materials making them extremely durable while also replicating the look and feel of a dirt mound. The non-slip rubber backing make them ideal for gym floors and will not scratch or mark the floors. Once again, Proper Pitch mounds can be used both indoors and out and eliminate maintenance in bullpens our on the field. 

With the selection of 4, 6, 8 and 10 inch mounds available from Proper Pitch, you can find a mound for any age or skill level. The spike proof artificial turf on every mound means that Proper Pitch mounds will last for years with little to no maintenance. This is backed with a one year manufacturers warranty. 

The quality of the Proper Pitch mounds also ensure the safety of the players using the mound. Unlike dirt mounds that require constant maintenance, Proper Pitch mounds will perform at a consistent level time and time again. The shock absorbing landing area also prevents injuries to players and damage to the mound. 

Available in both Clay & Green turf, Proper Pitch provide JR., High School, Collegiate, Training, Prep and Professional mounds! For any questions on finding the Proper Pitch mound for you, or any other Proper Pitch Product including Baseball/Softball Mats and Pitcher’s Rubbers, please feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists. 


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