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Unique Perspective: Personal Pitcher Pitching Machines

Hitting training is as important as ever in todays game and unfortunately, batting cages are often difficult to find, inaccessible at times and often too expensive.

At home pitching machines are a terrific alternative, but we know machines can also be expensive and too heavy to move around the backyard. That’s why the Personal Pitcher was created! For over 20 years the Personal Pitcher has helped baseball and softball players improve their hitting by providing a small practice golf ball machine that can be used anywhere.

The Personal Pitcher Lite Ball Pitching Machine is totally portable and comes with a 4 hour rechargeable battery. The machine hopper can hold up to 50 practice golf balls to allow you to get the amount of reps needed anywhere, anytime.

Create your own batting cage in your garage or basement. With the personal pitcher lite ball pitching machine, only a lightweight cage is necessary and can be quickly installed almost anywhere.

4 Speeds for all ages as well as curveballs and fastballs! With the Personal Pitcher Pro, you can simulate soft toss or fastballs up to 95 mph.

There’s no substitute for being able to take a few hundred swings a day, and that’s why the Personal Pitcher, its accessories and hitting aids, have become the ideal hitting equipment to create better baseball and softball players at all levels, from pee wee to professional. Your son or daughter will love the Personal Pitcher!


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