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Unique-Perspective: Louisville Slugger Pitching Machines

The Louisville Slugger Blue Flame Series comes in three machines, The Blue Flame, The Black Flame, and The Backyard Pitching Machine. All of the machines are spring loaded and the difference between the 3 machines is top speeds.

Blue Flame: 45 MPH
Black Flame: 55 MPH
Back Yard: 30 MPH

Other than the top speed the machines are built similar. Some of the benefits of purchasing one of the Blue Flame Series are detailed below.

The biggest benefit in my opinion is the benefits it has for younger players. It is built low to the ground and delivers a consistent pitch from a release point similar to a younger pitcher. This is very important for a young hitter to not have to swing up at a pitch that is coming down at them from an adult. When young hitters have to do this they can develop and upper cut in their swing. This can be hard to break. It also delivers a consistent pitch that is in the strike zone and takes the fear out of being hit by a pitch. They can then focus on the proper mechanics in hitting. This makes it the ideal pitching machine for youth players (ages 5-10).

Other benefits of the Blue Flame Series are it is lightweight and portable. These machines weigh around 12 pounds and fit easily in the trunk of a car. They do not require electricity, so can be used anywhere there is room to hit! It also throws any type of ball, so can be used for baseball or softball. It has the ability to be adjusted to throw fly balls or ground balls so can be used for defensive drills. I have found the Blue Flame Series machines to be very useful in working on catcher blocking and framing drills. It throws a consistent pitch to allow the catcher to focus on the particular skill they are working on. These machines will also adjust to throw pitches at an arc to simulate slow pitch softball, you don’t find too many machines that can do all of this!

These machines are also very reasonably priced compared to other pitching machines, typically a 1/3 of the price of other pitching machines. Make sure you evaluate the needs you have in a pitching machine as this machine is geared towards the younger player. It is great for kids in the 5-10 years old range. There are many leagues that exist that use these machines for games as it speeds the game up and is so consistent in throwing strikes.

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