One of our oldest partners, Cimarron Sports, continues to produce high quality products at the lowest prices on the market. Cimarron Sports makes some of our most popular products, including mats, nets, cages and backstops for both Golf, softball and Baseball! With a warehouse located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cimarron Sports stand behind their products with a “Cimarron Guarantee” and are constantly looking to upgrade and improve on Cimarron products. 

It’s this attitude that we at Unique Sports look for from our manufacturers and the products they produce, a shared passion for sporting goods and helping coaches and athletes perform at their best. Train your way to the top with products from our partner Cimarron Sports! 

Cimarron Baseball and Softball Batting Cages 

Cimarron Sports features an affordable line of batting cages that are perfect for schools, hitting facilities, or simply developing skills in your own backyard. 

Cimarron Batting Cages are a spacious 10 feet high by 12 feet wide and come in lengths of 30’, 40’, 50’ and 60’. With so many options available for size, you can find the perfect fit for a functional and fun backyard batting cage for the family. The batting cage nets are made tightly twisted polyethylene in breaking strengths of #24 or #48. The knotted polyethylene is abrasion resistant and will far outlast other braided nets. 

Cimarron also makes life easier for our customers by creating options for the purchase of batting cages based on the specific parts needed. Cimarron Batting Cages are available in: Batting Cage Net Only, Batting Cage Net & Frame Corners or Batting Cage Net & Complete Frame. 

These options increase the value for our customers and allow you to purchase only what is needed, if parts are already made available or can be purchased locally. The Batting Cage Net Only is typically purchased by our customers looking to hang the system or replace a net on an existing cage frame. 

The Cimarron Batting Cage Net and Frame Kit comes with the sturdy frame corners and pole extensions, everything you need to build the cage NOT INCLUDING the frame poles.   This option extends a discounted price to our customers who are able to purchase the poles locally. The frame can be purchased from a local hardware store – 10’ lengths of 1 1/4” EMT pipe.

And of course, the Batting Cage Net & Complete Frame System comes with everything you need to set up a top of the line batting cage in your own backyard. 

The frames are easily set up with two people and all of the equipment needed to hang the net from the frame is provided. With the hanging net design of Cimarron Batting Cages, balls stay inside the net at all times and prevent any dangerous ricochets off the frame. Excess netting on the ground adds additional protection. All Cimarron Nets are also designed with an easy entry side door on one end. The angled frame legs are designed for increased strength and safety. 

Cimarron Batting Cage Nets and Frames truly give you the options you want and the most for your money. 

Cimarron Masters Golf Net

Similar to the Cimarron Batting Cage Nets, The Cimarron Masters Golf Net is unsurpassed in quality and durability. Customers can choose to purchase the Masters Golf Net only or with the frame corner kit. 10’ links of EMT can be purchased from local hardware stores to complete the frame and save you on any additional built in shipping costs. 

The system includes the masters golf net, archery baffle netting for added support as well as a golf net target. 

The Cimarron Masters Golf Net is built to withstand any golf shot and is an excellent addition to any home or business. 

Cimarron Sports Golf Mats

The Woven Nylon Golf Mats from Cimarron Sports are the most durable, high quality golf mats on the market today. Unlike common tufted golf mats that features strands that are easily pulled from the backing, Cimarron mats are made with the nylon being tightly woven on a mesh backing, making it almost impossible to pull apart. Cimarron Mats also have a heavy polyurethane glue attached to a weatherproof foam base to ensure the mat will last without any missing strands.   

Don’t settle for second best when Cimarron has the best golf mat you can buy. Perfect for use in combination with the Cimarron Masters Golf Net. 

Get in the swing, for both baseball and softball, and buy a Cimarron Sports cage net or mat today. If you have any questions on any of the Cimarron Sports products, feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our Cimarron product specialists.

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