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Unique Perspective: Baseball Training Aids

Training aids are an invaluable tool in the game of baseball and softball and can be useful for exercising every part of your game, from hitting aids such as batting tees to pitching and fielding aids and general training aids to increase speed and strength.

At Unique Sports we carry a variety of baseball and softball training equipment and receive a lot of positive feedback from our customers that we would like to share as a guide for others interested in purchasing a similar training tool.

We feature baseball and softball training aids from popular brands such as Pro Power Drive Systems, Muhl Tech and JUGS Sports and we continue to introduce new and improved products almost every month. We have the latest and greatest training aids on the market to make sure you’re always getting the best of the products and yourself.

Pro Power Drive Softball Pitching Mound

The Pro Power Drive Softball Pitching Mound is designed to teach proper technique in a softball pitching motion and eliminates any unnecessary pivoting.

The Pro Power Drive Softball Pitching Mound has been extremely popular and can increase pitch speed several MPH.

Pro Power Drive Baseball Pitching Mound

The Pro Power Drive Baseball Pitching Mound features the same spring system as the softball mound and produces similar results.

The Spring System encourages proper mechanics and build muscle memory for game situations.

Muhl Tech Power Bag

The Muhl Tech Power Bag is available in 3 different sizes, Junior, Medium and Large to get the best out of players at different age levels and weights.

The Muhl Tech Power Bag develops explosive hitting mechanics and encourages lower body torque and stability.

The Muhl Tech Power Bag will increase explosive power and teach players how to drive through the ball.

Muhl Tech Muhl Ball

The Muhl Tech Muhl Ball develops hitting power with a weighted 1 lb. to absorb bat impact and force hitters to make precise contact.

Muhl Balls are the best power training option for baseball and softball when it comes to portability and ease of use!

JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine

The JUGS Small Ball Pitching Machine uses small polyurethane ball and when used in combination with the JUGS Hitting Stick training aid, it teaches players to track pitches effectively and make contact.

With lightweight foam balls, the JUGS Small Ball Machine can be used both indoors and out safely.

Of course JUGS is also known for their pitching machines and have recently released exciting information on a new machine to be released next month, The JUGS BP2 Baseball Pitching Machine.

A soon to be coach’s favorite, the BP 2 Pitching Machine is designed specifically to simplify your batting practice and make the coach’s job easier.

With Pitching Machines, simplicity is often the best! Pin-Point Micro-Adjustment available on the BP2 Baseball Pitching Machine make it the most advanced and easy to use pitch targeting system ever developed for 1-wheel, 2-wheel or 3-wheel pitching machines!

With horizontal as well as vertical adjustments, you can locate pitches instantly from right to left or up and down with a quick adjustment. Take the guesswork out of the equation with the 6 pre-set pitch positions the JUGS BP2 – Fastball/Split-Finger, LH-Curveball, LH-RH Slider, RH- Curveball.

Simply select the pitch and pick the speed with the turn of dial for both pitch and speed.

A realistic 64” delivery height will deliver pitches at a downward plane and the machine is also easy to move with the tires allowing for it to be tipped over and rolled.

As with all JUGS Pitching Machines, quality is guaranteed with a 5-year warranty that will ensure years of use.

Check out some of our most popular training aids today or call for more information on the new JUGS BP2 Baseball Pitching Machine that we are looking forward to next month.

With Unique Sports stay up to date on the most popular items of today and the most popular items of tomorrow.


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