Unique Perspective: Baseball/Softball Nets & Screens
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Unique Perspective: Baseball/Softball Nets & Screens

If you have a traveling team, or practice on a field in which you need to transport your equipment a fair distance, you will most likely want to look at a portable hitting net like the JUGS Complete Travel Screen, the Hurricane Sports Net, or the Big Mouth From Bownet. These pop-up style nets stow easily and setup in minutes. Other popular options include the Instant line of products from JUGS which include the Instant Screen and the Instant Backstop. Hitting nets are also popular for the backyard, as it allows your hitter to work on his game using a soft toss machine or batting tee on his or her own. We even have options that allow you to convert your garage into a hitting station.

If you are looking for a net that is a little more substantial, yet still easy to transport and store, many of our sock nets and hitting screens come with quick assembly frames like the Quick-Snap line of nets and screens from JUGS. These are generally 7’ x 7’ batting nets (or larger) with 3’ socks, and are perfect nets for soft toss, short toss, and work off of the hitting tee.

Many of these nets pull double duty as a pitching net as well, and often have a target or strike zone stenciled into the net. The ATEC Catch net is a good example of an “all purpose” hitting net. Another (albeit, much less portable) net that offers a lot of versatility is the 7’ Sock Net that is part of the JUGS Protector series of nets and screens.

The JUGS Protector series of hitting nets and protective screens are near the top of the line with steel tube frames, heavy weight nets with high breaking strengths, transport wheels, and solid construction backed by one of the longest warranties on the market. Their padded L-shaped pitching screen is professional quality and is one of our best sellers.

If the JUGS Protector series padded L-screen is of interest, we also encourage you to check out the Kodiak Baseball Pitcher’s screen, The Professional L-Screen from Muhl Tech, and the “Ole 96er” from ProCage. All four of these L Screens are professional grade baseball pitcher’s screens and offer the maximum amount of protection for your pitcher or pitching machine. Softball pitch through screens to protect fast pitch softball pitchers and pitching machines are also available from JUGS and Procage (as well as many other brands).

Additional options at lower price points are also available when it comes to l-screens, fielder screens, fungo screens, baseman screens, and other sports screens. JUGS fixed frame or Quick-Snap frames are budget friendly options for protective equipment on high school and college fields across the nation. Baseball and softball pitcher’s screens from ATEC, Muhl Tech, Cimarron, ProCage and more are also available and can be found in almost any combination of price, strength, durability, and mobility. There are also affordable alternatives available from Trigon and Louisville Slugger.

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