ATEC Sports, the Athletic Training Equipment Company, is the official brand of Major League Baseball and the coaches choice at any level of play. With a wide variety of quality products including pitching machines, batting cages, balls and screens, it’s easy to see why ATEC has earned a reputation in the industry.

ATEC provides professional grade tools along with testimonials from some of the games very best. But don’t take our word for it, look no further than the recent success of Vanderbilt baseball and head coach Tim Corbin. Coach Corbin trusts ATEC Pitching Machines for batting practice as well as a number of infield and outfield drills. More importantly, Coach Corbin also trusts an ATEC L Screen to keep him safe when he is pitching to some big Vanderbilt baseball bats.

ATEC has produced a number of instructional videos featuring ATEC products and coach Tim Corbin that are available online and are a great resource for coaches or costumers interested in an ATEC product.

With a lineup like the Rookie, Power Streak and Casey Pro 3G pitching machines, no other company can match the cost and capabilities of ATEC machines. The number of features on the Rookie and Casey Pro machines give coaches the ability to get the very best out of his or her team.

If you keep an eye on the equipment at any Major League Baseball game or event, it’s easy to recognize the ATEC colors in use. Remember ATEC is the coaches choice, so make it your choice. If you have any questions on ATEC products, feel free to call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our product specialists.

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