The Perfect Tool for Learning to Pitch Inside

Pitching inside is something that most pitchers are scared to do. This isn't just at younger levels but all levels. The best way to learn to throw inside is by doing it. However, you don't want to do something in-game, or with a batter in the box you have never worked on before. Doing so would be a flawed approach and could potentially be dangerous. There is no better way to work on pitching inside than by using the ProMounds Designated Hitter. This tool can be used in bullpens to allow pitchers to get more game-like situations.

Locating pitches is something that all pitchers need to be working on when throwing bullpens. Having a pitch sequence when throwing a bullpen is also essential. Using this tool and moving it in and off the plate will help pitchers get more game like bullpens and will allow them to become more confident when pitching to a real hitter.

I have honestly never understood throwing a bullpen without  simulating a hitter. You want your bullpens to be as game-like as possible so having a figure in the box is something that I feel is incredibly important. In my baseball career, we used these all the time. We made sure that we had thrown reps to "The Designated Hitter" Before getting in-game. The Designated Hitter allows you to become more confident and reduces the amount of time it takes for you to adjust to game situations.

When working off-speed, it is so important to have a target in the box to look at. You often hear coaches saying, "Aim for the knees" or "start it at his elbow" but how else would you practice this safely than by having one of these in the box to pitch at. Of course, you could put someone in the box, but that is incredibly dangerous when trying to work on pitches that you have never before thrown, or you are still working on. I remember once when I was growing up, my friend had his mom stand in the box, and he ended up hitting her in the leg and bruising it up for a few days.

The Designated hitter also has a string that drops down below the tool's "elbow" which also allows you to get a better visual and will enable you to work lower in the zone if needed. The device also comes in two sizes: one made for kids and a bigger and made to simulate an adult in the box. This tool is perfect for taking your pitched to the next level!

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