The Jugs Pro-Style 5-Point T

The Jugs Pro-Style 5-Point Hitting Tee is the perfect tool for all levels and ages. This product is built and designed to improve any hitter who wants to put the effort in. With the 5-Point Hitting Tee, you can use a variety of drills to improve your batting average. This Tee is adjustable so you can set it at any height. With the five attachment points, you can move the posts in and out to hit the inside and outside pitch correctly. In addition, this Tee is backed by a 1-year warranty, so you know it will be built to last. Attached below is a series of drills that you can use to become a better hitter with this revolutionary product. 


Jugs 5-Point Pro-Style Hitting Tee Intro

In the first video (Linked Above), Dave states it perfectly. Golf and baseball Tees do the same thing. They are there to get the ball off the ground in good hitting positions. What most Tees don't allow you to do is become a better hitter. That's what sets this Tee apart from the rest. This Tee is designed to make you a better hitter by allowing you to work different pitch locations. This Tee allows coaches to use this for a wider variety of drills, directly translating to in-game situations. Most Tees on the market are built with cheap rubber and only have one attachment point, and fall over every time you take a swing. This Tee is the most durable Tee you can buy and allows you to have five attachment points and two posts which will allows you to use this for a large variety of drills, including the unique ones listed below by Jugs.


Drill #1 

With this first drill (Linked Above "Drill #1"), you will set up the Tee in the points provided and what this is going to do is create the hitting plane. This setup forces you to let the ball travel so you can hit the outside third of the plate with power, which is the only way to get solid contact on the away pitch. The other post is set up to hit the inside pitch further out front, which is also going to be the best possible spot to hit the ball and make solid contact on that inside pitch. Dave adds that this will allow the hitter to get in the perfect position in the batter's box to hit both of these pitches in the prime spot. Having one stance to hit both the inside and outside pitches is something that all successful hitters need to find, and you can do just that with this drill. This drill will help you hit both the inside and outside pitches better, which will make you a better hitter in the end.


Drill #2

The next set drill (Linked Above "Drill #2") is all about feeling that weight transfer. With the 5-Point Tee in the middle slot and starting with your legs crossed, then transitioning to your stride and hitting the baseball allows you to feel that weight shift from your back foot through the baseball. The ball is positioned right on the front side of the plate, enabling you to let the ball travel so you can hit the ball perfectly up the middle. In the next portion of the drill, you start with your feet touching, and then you step back right on your marker, which helps you focus on that backside load and hitting the ball directly up the middle, resulting in a more successful hitter. The last portion of this drill is where you use the last two parts and simulate a more game-like situation. Dave adds that you must feel your weight go backward to come forward, really showing how vital loading your back leg is and how it can result in more power and a better overall more successful hitter.


Drill #3

In this third drill( Linked Above "Drill #3") , you will want the T set up with the post on the back outside peg and on the front inside peg. This drill is the "outside-in drill." Dave recommends that you start outside and work in. Any hitter can be told where to hit the ball and usually do it. But this drill, allows you to do so to put the best swing possible to the ball for all pitch locations. With the outside pitch, you want to aim for the inner third of the ball and try to hit it in the opposite direction. Pick a target, this will help you get a better understanding of what swing you need to hit the ball in that direction. Next, you are going to move the outer post to the center position. Replicate hitting the center of the ball up the middle three times before you move on to the next position. Then move to the inner post and replicate a perfect swing three times and focus on hitting the baseball on the outer third to really pull that ball. With a total of 9 perfect swings, you are teaching a hitter where they need to hit the ball for each third of the plate. This is going to improve a hitter on all pitches thrown. 


Drill #4

In this next drill (Linked Above "Drill #4"), you will learn about timing when hitting in all directions of the field. You will set up the Tee with a post on the outside in the back peg and inside on the front peg. Place a ball in both positions. This will force a hitter to react to the ball as it leaves the pitcher's hand and prepares for both pitch locations. Next, have the player set up in the box, and once they lift their leg to start their load, tell them either in or out. This will force the hitter to adjust and adapt to both pitches and make them have better reactions to both angles. This also makes you work on hitting the ball where it is pitched so you can get the best swing on it. Using this drill in your practices will make all your hitters better at reacting to both inside and outside pitches on the fly. When doing this, make sure that each hitter is successful multiple times before completion, so they know what it feels like to hit the ball in the direction to get the best swing on it.


Drill #5

In this last drill (Linked Above "Drill #5"), you take all that you have learned in the previous exercises and put your skills to the test. The Tee is in the exact position as the last drill, but you will stand in-front of the net and toss balls randomly at the inner and outer Tee posts. This drill gives the player the most game-like scenario and requires them to decide on the fly. This will make your Tee drills more game like which translates to a better overall hitter. It also allows a hitter to work on hitting the ball to both sides of the field. This Tee is perfect for these drills and is specifically designed to be used with more revolutionary drills than your standard Tee.

When you buy this Tee from Unique-Sports you know you are going to get a quality Jugs product with our team of excellent customer service. We also provide Free Shipping. Buy this Tee today and start imrpoving your hitters! What are you waiting for?



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