The JUGS BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine

The BP3 Baseball Pitching Machine with Changeup, boasts the latest in JUGS technology and a must have for any serious program.

The JUGS BP3 provides pin-point micro adjustment allowing the machine to be elevated and lowered while providing hitters the opportunity to hit both right and left handed sliders and curveballs.

With the Select-A-Pitch Dial, the BP3 can actually throw up to nine different pitches with the simple turn of a dial. Throw Fastballs, Changeups, Curveballs and Sliders all while changing the speed (40-90 mph) quickly and easily without alerting the hitter.

One major complaint identified with Pitching Machines is that the pitch the same speed over and over. Change speeds with a remote control to simulate the game and help players identify different pitches.

Practicing with the JUGS BP3 creates a situation where the hitter is never “comfortable” with what the pitch. With three wheels, change pitches at the same release point without ever having to adjust the tires. Get the reps needed to create an efficient hitter while also providing a “real pitcher vs. hitter experience”.

A machine that can simulate the game itself - purchase the all new JUGS BP3 Pitching Machine today!

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