The Cimarron Masters Golf Net

    The Cimarron Masters Golf Net is a great addition to anyones home or backyard. The Masters Golf Net is a product that will help you improve your game in any setting. With the net being 10'x10'x10' you will be able to fit this in the smallest of spaces. This net is an affordable way to improve your golf game. 

    Cimarron Sports makes some of the highest quality items, and does so at a great price. This makes it so the net is going to be cost effective, and will also hold up for years to come. Cimarron Sports designs all kinds of sports netting products such as batting cages and screens, so they know how to build a quality that can last for years. 

    The Masters Net comes in 3 options. Net only, Frame corners, or Full Frame. This allows the customer to decide the application and save money in the process. The back net is double lined to be sure that it will hold up for years. The net is easily removed from the net so in winter months you can move this and mount it in a heated setting such as a basement or garage. 

    This cage is perfect for all applications, whether it be driving practice, or it can be easily used with a simulator to really up your game. When use this net is going to improve your game so the next time you are on the links you will impress everyone.

    This product is great paired with the Cimarron 4'x6' ultimate golf mat. The golf mat has a variety of turfs all in 1 that will give you a course like feel when using. It replicates all types grass, with different thickness and heights, which will really help you master your game.

    Here at Unique-Sports we are happy to offer such great products that will help you improve your game. Check out these products and more at and find out what makes us Unique!


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