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Product Review: Zooka ZS 740 Pitching Machine

The Zooka ZS 740 Pitching Machine is a great fit for certain situations.  This is a very lightweight machine that will throw accurate fastballs up to 70 MPH.  It is unique in its barrel and compressor style throwing.  You load a baseball into the barrel and it shoots it out like a cannon.  The best part of this machine is that it has an internal rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere to use.  This is especially handy for those that have practice fields that have no electricity.  For a total cost of under $800 it would be difficult to find another machine that throws at these speeds that has its own power source.  It is also great at throwing fly balls for defensive drills.

The Zooka ZS 740 is used in quite a few machine pitch baseball leagues.  This is because of its lightweight design and internal battery.  Coaches will stand behind screens and feed the baseballs for the leagues.  When the games are over a single person easily takes the machine off the field and plugs it in to recharge.  The only drawback in my opinion is there is not any pitching arm simulation in this machine.  It is a ball shooting out of a barrel.  Other pitching machines have arms to throw the ball or are fed into wheels by humans that can simulate throwing motion.  

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