Bigger is better with the newest addition to our Net Return products, The Net Return Pro Series XL, Extra Large! Like the other Net Return training nets, The Net Return Pro Series XL can be used for far more than Golf. The Net Return works as a ball return for Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Football and more! 

Hit golf shot after golf shot and find a rhythm without having to shag balls. The Net Return Pro Series can be used both indoors and out and can be purchased with a golf mat or side panel barriers for added protection from the occasional “shank”.

At a significantly larger 10’ wide, 9’6” tall and 3’6” deep, The Net Return Pro Series XL can now simulate a soccer goal or just provide a backstop and return for practicing passing and long shots. 

The added size also provides added safety in baseball or softball practice with not only a soft toss net, but field protector screen and backstop. The possibilities for baseball and softball applications are endless as pitchers can warm up throwing into the Pro Series XL as a catch net while at the same time the Net Return Pro Series can provide a hitting net and fielders screen. 

The Net Return Pro Series XL is a full two feet larger in both directions than the previous model which ensures added comfort hitting golf shots, kicking soccer balls and hitting a baseball or softball from an increased distance without worrying about missing the net. With the weighted base, you can count on a stable net for even the most powerful of shots. 

For what The Net Return Pro Series gains in size, it sacrifices little to no portability. At only 49 lbs., The Net Return Pro Series XL still features a quick push button and can be installed in less than 15 minutes! The Net Return Pro Series XL also comes complete with the easy transport duffle bag. 

The Net Return has continued to be one of our most popular product lines and a product we carry because of the the 

As with all Net Return products, the new Net Return Pro Series XL comes with the 250,000 shot guarantee and comes completely customizable with color and custom logos for high school, college or corporate use. Please call us at 800-297-0747 for any customization needs. 

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