Product Review: Muhl Power Balls
A product that is being used by some of the top hitting instructors as part of their training lessons is the Muhl Tech Power Balls. These heavy weight training balls are designed to help develop power hitting. They are rubber coated foam balls that are 20 inches in diameter that weigh 1 pound each. Designed to build strength in the forearms and wrists the Muhl Tech Power Balls have proven to increase “ball exit speed” and encourages hitters to enforce strong hip rotation, a major key to hitting with power and authority. The balls absorb impact without recoil and force hitters to be more precise with contact, which is also a key in developing power in hitting.

The idea of a Muhl ball is to teach a batter to hit the ball as hard as they can, which will help develop ball exit speed and power off the bat. If you hit the Muhl Balls with a weak grip or do not swing the bat hard, the balls will not go anywhere. Ball speed exit velocity off the bat is a new buzz term with scouts used as one of the criteria to measure the swing. Not that youth baseball players need to be worrying about scouts, but there is definitely validity in measuring this when evaluating a swing. If the ball speed exit velocity off the bat can be increased 5 MPH the ball will travel an extra 25 feet!

Use of the Muhl Tech Power Balls is easy. Since they are a spongy type of ball and do not travel very far they can be used about anywhere. The easiest and most common use of the balls is to use them during tee work. Just replace regular baseballs or softballs with the Muhl Balls. The balls provide instant feedback, as they will not travel much distance if proper bat speed isn’t being generated. They can also be used with the soft toss drill to replace the regular baseball or softball.

When working with your youth hitter you want as many weapons in the arsenal as possible. These Muhl Power Balls is a very easy tool to use to help develop that swing and help develop power!

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