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Product Review: JUGS Softie Practice Baseballs

JUGS Softie Practice Baseballs are a little pricey at $50 per dozen, however the superior quality they have over other indoor practice baseballs make it worth the extra money.  They are made with real leather and weigh the official weight of 5 1/4 ounces, however are safe for indoor use with its spongy composition.  

If you are in a cold weather state these indoor baseballs are almost a must have.  We practice approximately two months indoors and using indoor baseballs that most simulate a real baseball is very important to me.  The dozen JUGS Softie Practice Baseballs I purchased a few years back has held up through the rough usage by 14 year old boys.  They survived much longer than other indoor baseballs I purchased in the past.  Durability coupled with them being actual weight make them worth the extra money you will pay.  Being actual weight is especially important when working on pitching indoors.  

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