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Product Review: JUGS Instant Screen Hitting Net

I have had my JUGS Instant Screen Hitting Net for just under ten years and it still works as well as the day I first used it.  I would say that its durability is the biggest strength of this net.  It has lasted for 9 years and numerous indoor and outdoor practices.  We have used it for tee work, soft toss work, and even used it as a makeshift L-screen for protection when throwing batting practice.  The 7 x 8 hitting area has been adequate for these drills.  Although we do have the occasional ball hit over the top of the net.  I would say we have more than got our moneys worth on this screen.  

When I purchased my net there was not any competition in the instant net market.  Now there are several other brands that make them.  They are all in the same range for price, so that is not the deciding factor when purchasing.  The other nets have not even been on the market as long as my JUGS Instant Screen Hitting Net has lasted, so I am not sure if they will be as durable.  The biggest draw back is the mobility of it.  By this I mean the setting up and tearing down of it in an efficient manner.  Not only I have struggled with it, I have seen many other coaches struggle with it.  There is a video on line that shows step-by-step instructions on it, however I haven’t taken the time to memorize those steps.  Overall I feel this hitting net is well worth the price in its durability and hitting surface, plus it has the JUGS name behind it.  

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