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Product Review: Heater X-Tender Batting Cages

Heater (Trend Sports) specialty is fitting into the youth age group (6-12) at a very affordable price compared to other batting cages and pitching machines.  With that being said I think it is important for everyone purchasing any of their products know what they are designed for.  I would have no problem recomending these products to that age group and also point out to them it is at the affordable price level because it doesn’t typically last as long as other products.  Their products are great in many situations, however some thought needs to be put into the purchase before going with Heater products.

The Heater X-Tender Cages fit right into my discussion above.  The X-Tender cages are made in various lengths and to make the cage larger you just add another X-Tender to it.  For example if you want a 48′ cage you purchase two 24′ cages and combine them.  I had difficulty combining my two 24′ cages making it into one.  I will be honest that I became frustrated and just used the smaller 24′ cage for soft toss and tee work.  My son is above the age described above and the 24′ cage worked well for those drills.  The netting is not as durable as the higher priced netting, so older kids and heavy usage will put holes in the cage fairly quickly.  Also, snow and heavy winds wreak havoc on this cage and you are better off taking it down when these weather conditions exist.

I think the X-Tender cages can fit into some situations, however a person really needs to think through the situation before purchasing this product.  If your child is younger, not sure if they are committed to baseball/softball yet, and weather conditions where you live do not have a lot of snow or wind it might work for you.  I would discourage anyone with older children purchasing this product as it is not meant for this.  This is all weighed into the decision and the price tag, which is 1/2 of other cages, should be weighed also.

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