The Heater BaseHit by Trend Sports is truly a “starter” pitching machine. At $199 you won’t find another pitching machine that throws real baseballs for less. The Heater BaseHit will only throw at a max speed of 45 MPH and this is from a distance of 46 feet. From this distance, it is equivalent to approximately 60 MPH from regulation distance. This machine is geared for a much younger player (under 12 years of age realistically) and kids this age will throw at distances closer than regulation.

As I said before, the Heater BaseHit Pitching Machine is geared for a younger player. It is not an institutional quality machine and is not meant for heavy usage. It is however a very accurate pitching machine is a great fit for a younger player trying to figure out if they are interested in playing baseball long term. At approximately 25 pounds it is very portable and is a great machine to use for a young team at practice. It is very easy to assemble and transport back and forth.

It goes without saying this is not going to be a pitching machine for older, more experienced players. It doesn’t have the top speeds, doesn’t throw breaking balls, does not have the power for defensive drills for older players, and does not have the durability for extended use. It is the perfect fit for younger players just getting into the game, teams or individuals on a budget, and players who might have fear of the ball starting out.

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