I have a finance background and a term I use a lot is “cost benefit”.  Basically that means you measure the benefit you will get from something compared to the cost you pay for the item.  
I bring that up because when you apply this to the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine, you will find quite a bit of benefit compared to the cost you will pay for it.  At just under $650 you will get an American made machine that is built as sturdy as pitching machines come.  
First Pitch is so confident in their pitching machine they have given it a 5 year warranty.  The tires and the motor is the same motor you will find on the machines that cost twice as much as the First Pitch model.  First Pitch Baseline throws fastballs only as baseball speeds up to 70 MPH (from 60′ 6″) and approx. 60 MPH for softballs.  I have found the machine to very accurate and it is lightweight enough (55lbs) that you can transport it to a practice quite easily.  This is very affordable for those youth teams (up to around 14 years old) that do not have coaches that can throw consistent strikes at decent speeds.

It is also wonderful for defensive drills. I have found it extremely effective for fly balls.  You can place the fly balls in the spots you want much more accurately than hitting them yourselves.  This allows the outfielders to work on fly balls in the alleys.  I have also found it very effective for catcher drills on framing pitches and blocking pitches.  There are practices we have the machine going for the entire hour and a half between the batting practice and defensive practice.  You won’t find a machine built with this quality that is a combination baseball/softball machine even close to the First Pitch Baseline in price.  As I said, it is a very smart purchase when you weigh the cost benefit of it.  

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