Personal Pitcher - Big Machine, Small Budget

Equipment and drills that an athlete can do by themselves has always been important, but now with Covid19 being here it has an increased emphasis.  One piece of equipment we have been selling a lot is the Personal Pitcher.  Not only is it a great piece of equipment, but there is also a great story behind it!  

The idea for Personal Pitcher started back in the late 1980’s.  It was developed by Chris Richard and his father in California.  Chris was wanting a pitching machine for his backyard, but they just did not have the space.  That is a familiar story with many people even to this day.  Now there are many baseball facilities a person can go to, but the membership cost for them is awfully expensive.  After much tinkering and reiterations, the first Personal Pitcher was formed.  As they say, the rest is history.

Chris developed into an exceptionally good baseball player, eventually being drafted in 1995 by the St. Louis Cardinals.  After having quite a bit of success in the Cardinals’ minor league system, he made his major league debut on July 17, 2000.  And of course, Chris hit a homerun on the very first pitch he saw as a professional player!  I say of course with quite a bit of sarcasm, Chris is on a truly short list of players to have ever done that in major league baseball history!

That is a little bit about the great story behind the Personal Pitcher, now here is a little bit about the great product the Personal Pitcher is.  The Personal Pitcher is a poly balls pitching machine that will throw these balls between 20-55 MPH.  It was designed to improve the hand-eye coordination, timing, and bat speed.  As anyone knows, these are the keys to being a good hitter.  The poly balls are light weight golf ball sized balls that have limited flight, so the space needed is much smaller than other pitching machines.    

The Personal Pitcher comes with an auto-feed that will hold up to 100 “wiffle golf balls” at intervals between 5 and 8 seconds.  It also comes with a 4-hour rechargeable battery, making this the most mobile pitching machine on the market!  This is an ideal machine to take to a game for pre-game warm-ups.  The machine also comes with a 1-year warranty and comes with a 30-day guaranty.  Unique Sports stands by this product, we have even purchased one for our own kids’ hitting training.    

Some other features of the Curveball Personal Pitching Machine is it will throw breaking balls that will allow your child to learn to hit them with no fear of being hit by the ball.  You can also purchase the personal focus balls.  These are colored poly balls that will enhance visual tracking by quickly identifying the color of the ball as it comes out of the feeder.  The GroBat is another option, this is a smaller than a normal bat diameter that will improve hand eye coordination since you are hitting a smaller ball with a smaller bat.  Defensive drills are also an option with the Personal Pitcher.  You can work on fly balls.  Typically, it is done with a bare hand and focusing on catching the smaller balls while on the move.  Another good defensive drill is catchers working on blocking pitches.  Using the machine aiming the balls into the dirt or ground and blocking the smaller poly balls will make you really focus on the drill!

The Personal Pitcher is one of our top sellers for good reason.  It is a reasonably priced, multi functioning, and light weight piece of equipment.  Plus, it works on the 3 most important aspects of hitting, hand-eye coordination, timing, and bat speed.  If you improve on these 3 things there is no doubt you will become a better hitter!  It is also good for all ages.  You are never too young or too old for this machine and it can be used when you are by yourself and in almost any space.  Two keys during the Covid19 era!



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