Park & Sun Precision Training Drills and Uses

            The Park & Sun Precision Trainer is the tool you need to step up your skills on the court. This product is built to last and is incredibly portable and adjustable. It is built on a sturdy steel frame and comes with Rubber Swivel Wheels for easy movement. The Target Trainer has multiple height settings from 76" to 130" to ensure it is at the perfect height for your needs. This trainer will last your team a lifetime with the adjustability to ensure they never outgrow it. The Target also adjusts in 45-degree increments from entirely horizontal to completely vertical.

            One of the best ways to use the Precision trainer is to use it for setting drills. You can align it to be in the perfect position for setting the ball. Doing so allows your setter to work on their accuracy and enable them to become better overall players. With the open-ended bottom, you can put your volleyball rack right below the trainer, and it makes for easy counting and easy clean-up. With the adjustability, you will precisely adjust this machine to be a perfect target for the ideal set. This is great for drills when you want to focus on improving your team's setting and not having the balls bounce all over the floor or needing a person in the position to receive the sets.

            Next, you can place this in the perfect position for passing. Doing this allows your team to pass directly through the loop and make your team better overall passers. With its adjustable height and angles, you can indeed find the right size for your team. When practicing passing, it is vital to have something there to work on accuracy and make sure you get the right height on all passes. This is the perfect product for working on passing and precision, which is one of the essential fundamentals of the game.

            Lastly, you can set this trainer up to work on serving. You can get the trainer in the exact position desired and work on your teams serving abilities. Having a target for your team to work on serving will ensure that they will be able to place the volleyball in the exact location desired in each set during games. With the net attached to the ring, you will ensure that each set is collected back in your volleyball rack. No more working on severing and having to chase balls all around the gym. This will make your practices much more effective and reduce the time spent cleaning up, which will ensure your team is getting the most out of their time in the gym.

            This is an all-in-one tool. This tool allows your team to work on a variety of drills, all in one. The Precision Trainer is designed to give your players instant feedback and collect the balls while doing so. This is a revolutionary tool and is perfect for all age levels and skills. Purchase this tool now from Unique-Sports and receive Free Shipping, and find out what makes us Unique!

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