Unique Sports is happy to introduce a new option in affordable pitching machines, the Mound Yeti. The Mound Yeti 1 and Mound Yeti 2 Pitching Machines are both baseball and softball compatible which only increases the value. 

Big things come in small packages and The Mound Yeti 1 is no different. At a manageable size the Mound Yeti 1 is easy to transport but packs a punch with speeds up to 60 mph. 

The Mound Yeti 2 is a two wheel pitching the provides more value than any other two wheel pitching machine on the market today. As a two wheel machine, the Mound Yeti two will throw a variety of different pitch types as well as throw at speeds of up to 100 mph and adjustable down to 30 mph. 

At Unique Sports we love to feature unique products and the Mound Yeti 3 is just that. With a 3 wheel design, the Mound Yeti 3 offers complete control for every pitch and can throw various pitches including knuckleballs. 

Unlike other wheel pitching machines that rely on air pressure which constantly changes the accuracy of the machine with under and over inflating due to heat or cold. The Mound Yeti features an aluminum hub with a urethane throwing surface allowing for accuracy at the point of hitting impact and maximum repetitions for the batter. No longer do you need to deal with inflating the tires with every use that makes it almost impossible for a machines with pneumatic tires to throw to the same spot consistently.

The Mound Yeti also features a solid steel frame and heavy duty mounting points without becoming too heavy. The Mound Yeti is still light enough so that it is easy to transport from batting cage to the playing field. The Mound Yeti also comes with a softball chute and short legs to easily convert the machine from baseball to softball, an often overlooked feature for a machine at this price point. 

Mound Yeti provides pitching machines that are durable and versatile at an affordable price compared to similar machines on the market. With the adjustable speeds and the ability to throw a variety of pitches, we can recommend all 3 Mound Yeti Pitching Machines for players at the youth level to high school and collegiate levels. If you have any questions regarding our new Mound Yeti Pitching Machines, please call 800-297-0747 and speak to one of our pitching machine specialists.


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