Lower your Handicap Indoors Over the Winter

     Winter is fast approaching. The best way to keep up on your golf game is by purchasing an indoor hitting net and turf to make sure that when you get back on the course in the spring you are playing better than before. Cimarron has a large variety of golf nets so we will have an option that fits your needs. From 10’10x’10’ Industrial quality nets all the way to The Swing Master. All are great options and will ensure that you get better over the winter.

     We all have been there – The Breakfast ball. Which for me was every single shot until I took it upon myself to get better over the winter with a Cimarron Net and the Ultimate Golf Mat. I found myself working all winter to become a better golfer and it showed next spring. Being a new golfer, I needed tons and tons of practice to become better and become good enough I could keep up with my group. Worried about indoor Ceiling height? I'm 6'3" and can swing in a room with 9' ceilings. 

     Let’s face it, range balls are expensive. Using a net and not going to the range will prepare you for an outing and save you the extra cost of needing to hit the range before an outing. With a few balls and a nice net, you are going to save tons of money over the years.

     There are tons of things you can work on while hitting into a net, even without seeing the ball fly. When hitting into a net you can still focus on club path, Strike point, and Club head angle. Removing the ball flying is what helped me become a better golfer because I was able to focus on striking the ball and getting more pure shots.

     Using a Cimarron Sports Net paired with the 4’x6’ Ultimate Golf Turf you will be able to get the most realistic indoor golf set up as possible. The Ultimate golf turf has 3 different turf types that replicate the Fairway, Rough, and The Green. This mat is the most “Grass” like mat in the game and allows you to work on shots from all different grass areas.

      You can even pair these items with a Cimarron Golf Ball Tray which will hold your golf balls for you, and allow easy and efficient access to all the golf balls you are training with. Pairing these 3 things together will ensure that you are a much better golfer and allows you to get work in without leaving the comfort of your home. 

      Golf is an expensive sport, get better over the winter in the comfort of your home and impress your group with these Cimarron Golf Products. 


10x10x10 Golf Package with Mat and Ball Tray: https://unique-sports.com/collections/cimarron/products/cimarron-masters-golf-cages

Ultimate Golf Mat: https://unique-sports.com/collections/cimarron/products/cimarron-4-x-6-ultimate-golf-mat

Swing Master Golf Net: https://unique-sports.com/collections/cimarron/products/cimarron-super-swing-master-golf-net-and-frame


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